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Hi All

I get a lot of questions about my fitness routine and nutrition so I thought I would make a quick coffee talk.

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In regards to my fitness routine. I am self taught yogi. I started about 4 and a bit years ago after my daughter was born to help with postnatal depression and started learning handstands 2 and a bit years ago to help my mind focus when I was challenged by my outside circumstances. Most of my yoga was learnt from instagram amazing souls and youtube. I also once a week like to do a bodyweight or workout from adapting the workout to skills I need to learn, making it a bit more challenging doable if I do not have some of her equipment. And finally I love Ashley Horners Programs I often pick a day once a week from her programs mainly bodyweight or one I can do with 2 7.5kg dumbbells to do. In feb this year I started learning pole dance at home to add to core awareness and flexibility training.

Nutrition thoughts:
This magical, marvellous food on our plate, this sustenance we absorb, has a story to tell. It has a journey. It leaves footprints. It leaves a legacy. To eat with reckless abandon, without conscience, without knowledge that ain’t normal. Whatever you choose to eat be mindful about it so you can fully enjoy your choices. Treats are part of finding balance, until they become habitual, and that is when mindfulness becomes mindlessness.

One size does not fit all, when it comes to a nutritional plan or exercise plan. Each person is an individual with different nutritional and fitness needs. What works for an eating plan or fitness plan for one may not work for another.

Be mindful of every bite you put into your mouth. Eat slowly and enjoy the textures and flavours of your food. Be mindful of training your body equally in strength and flexibility and allowing adequate rest.

Don’t beat yourself up when you slip and eat something that isn’t very healthy or miss a training session. Enjoy it and then remember that your total lifestyle is what counts.

Believe and Achieve
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Fitness is

Fitness to me isn’t a number on the scales or waist band. It isn’t the wicked moves that one can do. In fact it isn’t anything external at all. It is the feeling of happiness that seeps through your whole life because your body is capable to do everything and more that you need in your life. It is the feeling of gratitude and joy that feels your mind every day because you are alive in this beautiful life and you know it is a gift. It is that feeling of facing challenges and overcoming them, finding the lesson or opportunity amidst it instead of giving in. It is so much more than a look, a body, a type of body, a perfect diet or program or number so so so much more….
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To me it is not a body shape, it is not clothes or no clothes, it is not society standards it is each person being unapologetically themselves. I do not subscribe to trying to keep up with the jones and society.
Sexy is liking who we are. I am passionate about social justice which falls short of keeping opinions adorable. I am a sexual being as you and feel sexy and don’t agree that those things make us less able to be valued in other ways. I do not agree that abuse is justified, ever. I like doing things for myself. In fact, I’m the very best in the world at taking care of me. Fuck those rules society gives us.

Sexy is is the audacity to believe that we are at the helm of our own life. That waking up in the morning is enough reason to believe we deserve our own care and attention. It is the radical idea that our voice, opinions, sexual expression, appearance, passions, all our ever-loving feelings and EVERY PART OF MY HUMAN are valuable and ours to decipher. Without craftily placing them in a perfect, limiting box I didn’t pick out or agree to.

Sexy is showing up like the queen and kings of our own damn life and taking bigger risks so that we leave it all on the table.
Sexy is saying goodbye rulebook, hello fully expressed human that we are…The only rule to sexy is that you make the rules for yourself and allow others the space for their own journey of discovering who they are without all the shit we’ve been handed. We can (and should) help fine tune each others’ leadership and look out for folks whose struggles are different than our own. But this is diamonds sharpening diamonds, it’s about everyone shining not kicking anyone down.

Unleashed, fiery sexy and showing up all the way. However you decide that looks for you, I hope you’ll join me.

Instagram @rhyannawatson

Victims of cyberbullying confront more than a rude message online; they encounter abhorrent statements that are criminal.
For one young man, this maltreatment was enough to take his own life.
In September 2010, 18-year-old Tyler Clementi and many others like him have taken their lives. With the language and tactics being used by trolls and cyber attackers, grown adults who might otherwise be very confident are sometimes pushed to the brink of suicide or depression or faltering their way of life to get away from the harasser. That is scary. We need to talk about these moments openly because they are harmful and they live on inside us as shame. We need to share and be vocal when something makes us feel uncomfortable because if we don’t, it will just continue. Women expressing sexuality is often mistaken for ‘hi come disrespect me!!!!’ .. & that’s just not the case. Women (and men) can express themselves however they’d like!!! Even loving sex!! this is not an invitation to be disrespected. We humans are not objects or prizes, we are humans.
When will people stop being offending by women and men showing skin/ expressing sexuality? Expressing sexuality in art it is not an invitation for disrespect !!! Just like wearing a short skirt is not asking for assault or no top for a man. You are literally saying that if we look a certain way, we are yours to be bullied or to be harassed by sexualisation for our bodies and are not decent humans. But we have not hurt one person like a gun. You as a bully choose to pick a person and you choose to go after them with multiple, multiple comments. A rude comment or impoliteness or name calling is rude, but when you decide to target them on that, you punish them for who they are, to have influence over their safety or wellbeing and their families and friends, that is bullying. Bullying and Cyberbullying need to stop!


We have a finite amount of energy and hours in every day. Where we put our energy is where we put our power. Where we put our energy is what grows. When I chose to spend so much of my energy picking myself apart, my disgust with myself grew. When I spend time with people who are negative all the time, I leave feeling negative. When I watch television or scroll through social media and see tons of feedback about how I should change, it takes energy away from me to engage. Energy that I cannot use for something else.
If you are thinking about how much you don’t like something, you cannot also be thinking about what you love. If you are complaining about all the negative parts of your day, you cannot also be celebrating the moment you are in now. Energy is power. Energy is finite. Where yours goes reflects your character, your mood, and your happiness.


Forcing a perspective, be it to feel a certain way or not feel something doesn’t work at least not in the long run. What you resist, persists. Burying your negative emotions, and then trying to force positive feelings on top, can actually lead to more damage down the road. Instead, we need to welcome and allow both your current thoughts and perspective as well as any more empowering alternatives. Releasing anything, such as sadness, anger, anxiety, depression, or feeling stuck and confused, begins with welcoming and honoring the feelings. You can’t let go of what’s no longer serving you until you’ve welcomed it in and allowed it to have its say.

Being a mom

I am a mom and my priority in life has nothing to do with me my priority in life is all about making the changes in the world I want to see for my best friend and side kick Laine. I have a little girl who is watching me. She pays attention to every darn thing I do. I know that my inner voice will one day become her own. I take that seriously. I will not teach her to spend her energy picking apart her body. I refuse to pass that on to her. I don’t agree that the worth of my life is contingent upon the appearance of my body. I don’t believe that is true for anyone. So I won’t participate in conversations that contradict my vision for my life. I won’t for myself. I won’t for the sake of the person I’m talking to.
What you give energy to, grows. If you give energy to mocking, ridiculing or shaming bodies, then mockery, ridicule and shame grows.

Instagram @rhyannawatson
Zoom Zoom Workout 45
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1-5 rounds beginner options are also explained and shown. No equipment necessary just you showing up on your mat.
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10 Release Push ups
10 Burpees of Choice
10 Jump Lunges Left is 1 right is 1
10 Pistol Squats Left is 1 right is 1
10 Everest Climbers Left is 1 right is 1
10 Air Squats

Instagram @Rhyannawatson

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This is the best way to get strong with only a Yoga mat. This workout is challenging, but also incredibly fun! People often ask me how I get so strong so I thought I would create a full workout for you all to follow along and try. People often think that yoga only creates flexibility but as you will see it also build strength.

I build strength with holds, reps, and difficult movements working flexibility and strength in unison. I am going to push you to your absolute limit. But it’s when you get to that point when you say I want to quit and you keep going, that’s when you physically and mentally get stronger – that’s when you evolve.

You will learn to recruit both larger and smaller muscle groups, to move and control your body, and to have the intelligence to take your body into positions that you never could before. This is how I build my strength and body control and this is how you can too. When you have strength, flexibility and endurance the possibilities of what you can do with your body are unlimited.

Namaste and I hope you all enjoy Rhy

Please note I am available for private workouts, online training for yoga and fitness. I am also available to train in person for private sessions. Please feel free to contact me to discuss further via contact.



This is why your growth and development is a journey, and one that never really ends. You will always have old patterns and programs that you can potentially fall back into, and you will always have new thoughts and beliefs that you can choose instead. The more you choose empowering thoughts and actions, the more that becomes your default habitual choice. You should also remind yourself of this if you feel like you have to struggle to make the changes you wish to make. You’ve probably developed certain patterns over a lifetime, and it’s going to take time and patience to let them go and replace them with something else. So be gentle with yourself. Making mistakes and screwing up isn’t a sign you’re doing something wrong, it’s a sign you’re striving to align yourself to something better –a victory in itself. The good news is, you can always choose to be OK with wherever you’re at right at this moment. The greatest gift of taking responsibility for your experience is that you can always choose to welcome your present circumstance as being a necessary step to getting to where you want to be. You don’t ever see babies emotionally beating themselves up and giving up on learning to walk just because they fall down a few times. They instinctively understand there’s a process to go through. It’s only as adults through conditioning that we’re taught to feel bad when we fall down on our journey to something greater.
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