Values of numbers food for thought connection and self worth

To me movement is freedom the more I move the freer I feel internally and externally. I feel I come home and move away from attachments that do not serve me and society and others expectations. I find often like anyone honestly; I get affected by the labels, numbers, judgments and expectations. However movement frees me to become aware again and remember that all we really need to be happy, peaceful or love is to be who we are right here and now fully, wholly and unapologetically. I hear a lot of people struggle saying they are not enough because their social media accounts no longer hold a positive transaction of numbers to make them feel valued and enough. When I look at my daughter and watch her happiness. It has nothing to do with numbers. It is all to do with doing what makes her heart soar no matter what others hold value to it and being able to share it with someone unapologetically without judgment, numbers or expectations, a genuine unconditional loving connection. We adults continually feel not enough because society teaches us this big untruth that our value lies in approval of number, living up to expectations, being better than we are and/or others… We feel unworthy if we do not have enough followers, likes, kind words, do better than another, have messages unanswered by people we write to or money not enough in the bank… But our value never changed, only the things external to us did. Society taught us a big untruth connection is in likes, comments and numbers and worthiness is in the height of the number and that brings connection as well as the more numbers the more connected we are. But that is the untruth. What we fail to realise is our value, self worth isn’t in numbers, expectations and validation of others. If we keep chasing numbers and acceptance we will always fall short of being enough because our self worth only comes from us. When we own our own self worth like our children, we cannot be swayed by others and when we have thriving unconditional connections not in numbers in real human soulful connections; when we fall or are different we have people to keep our fires alight when they might want to go out. And this is the real self worth and connection that brings us to realise we own our happiness and thats when our life truly comes into harmony and peace.