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And there are many unsung everyday heroes who make the world a better place using generosity, kindness, peace, forgiveness, and encouragement or through sharing their talents of teaching, creativity and insightfulness. And others find ways, despite all obstacles, to live life to the fullest and bring incredible optimism to those around them. And you are all unsung heroes that I want to say thank you to. You shine your lights so others can see the way, give love and compassion so others can learn to fly and walk again. I wish my words could do you all justice but you are all a very special breed of person that holds our world together and I want you to know I am grateful for each and everyone of you!

We find them everywhere. Many contribute their gifts silently and anonymously. These ‘superheroes’ all have a profound positive impact.

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It’s an incredible thing to be totally comfortable in our own bodies and minds. To forgive our flaws, accept our imperfections and come to terms with how we look externally and feel internally. That’s what body positivity is all about though, right? Learning how to be kinder to ourselves…
Well, no. Not quite. Though this narrative is what most of us think of when the term ‘body positive’ comes to mind, it overlooks perhaps one of the most important components of body positivity.
When the concept of body positivity first emerged, it meant to give a voice to people who have been silenced and shamed for not meeting society’s expectation of how their body should look. Within every expression of self love was a statement fighting against forces trying to keep people small in every respect. But as the movement has grown in reach and popularity, it’s become a shadow of its former self. Now a myriad of before and after photos, bikini body selfies and transformation journeys, it’s developed an aesthetic expectation of its own that wears kind of an exclusive and oppressive persona.
The culture of comparison has made body positivity into a running track of critique. A constant depiction of bodies as ‘good’ or ‘bad.’ We call out our inner critic as if it’s to blame for making us feel like we aren’t enough, and we talk about our bodies and their differential characteristics as though they’re responsible for the negative attitudes we have towards them, which couldn’t be further from the truth.
Insecurity may be universal, but it’s not intrinsic. We were not born with poor body image. We were not created aspiring to have the bodies of models, professional athletes and photoshopped celebrities. Just like we were not made the same, we were not meant to compare what makes us unique. And yet we do, and this where the core discussion of body positivity needs to return to.
It isn’t our bodies or even our body image that’s the source of the problem. It’s the cultural belief that some bodies are better than others. That some are more deserving of love, respect and success. And how could we not to think this? Society asserts this day in day out, with certain bodies taking precedence over others in industries. Certain shapes, colours, heights and capabilities are rewarded with money, fame, followers and opportunities. We come to know these bodies as superior and so the pressure to look a certain way is rooted in our very normal desire to excel.

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There’s a definitive ideal of what the ‘perfect’ body should be. Tall, slim, feminine and symmetrical. Anything that doesn’t conform to this vision of a ‘good’ physique is cast as bad. And so a simple fixation on coming to terms with our personal hang-ups doesn’t shift the global mindset towards valuing all bodies in general. It doesn’t call into question why some bodies deserve more than others. It doesn’t challenge why our differences are considered flaws at all.
Body positivity means to banish false perceptions of beauty and develop a safe space where all bodies, no matter what, are equal. No matter shape, size, age, ethnicity, or physical ability. Honouring this conversation means avoiding further shaming through comparisons, derogatory labels and putting some bodies on a pedestal. All bodies are good bodies. All bodies are positive.
Becoming body positive isn’t simple. Not by a long shot. Finding unadulterated self-love every day is tough when we’re surrounded by pressures continually demanding that we transform and conform. But shifting the conversation away from the ‘wrong’ in ourselves to the wrong in the way society treats diverse bodies may just have a more powerful effect in celebrating every body, and give us more peace when striving to love our own.
Your body is not the problem. It never was.

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Children are happy because they don’t have a file in their minds that things could go wrong. Life is a choice that you make every day to change and empower yourself. Choose to be true, to be positive and to be happy. No matter what. The best part of waking up every morning is you have a new opportunity to become a better version of yourself. Happiness, love, acceptance, kindness, change starts with us not our jobs, money, others but with us.

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Check it out i am failing over and over again. My practice has no perfection. I am a girl that stands up every day and fails till she learns it. I have a zillion reasons why I can’t I don’t have a yoga teacher, I cannot afford classes, I don’t have time, I am a parent…. but I am not my excuses if I was I wouldn’t be here today in front of you failing. I am not beautiful enough, I am not smart enough, I can’t compare to the others. If believe these thoughts we all continually have so will my daughter. That won’t do.
We are not perfect, we never will be. We have a million excuses, but we have a million reasons why we can. Here I am today standing up for my dreams in all imperfections of practice and physical body and mind. My question to you is will you?
Is your life worth more than your excuses and regrets? Unfuck yourself be who you were before all that stuff happened that dimmed your fucking shine.

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There is always going to be people that do not like all on social media but if you take responsibility for what you watch you can find a collective library of awesomeness and motivation. If you stop trying to bring people down and take responsibility to tailor your social media to one that uplifts you, you can learn and grow so much out of the power of sharing from others. So I ask you to take responsibility choose who you want to follow. Choose to realise how blessed we are with the shares people give. Once upon a time this was never possible. Now you can learn to renovate your whole house online or do the cha cha without even going to class. Our minds are tailored to always see it is not good enough or enough but have a think for moment really, honestly truly how blessed we are for all that share and even more so because we get to choose who we want to listen to it is not mandatory to follow or like and we do not even have to pay for their kindness. So maybe we should take a step back from always reminding people how they are not good enough and say thank you for all you do. Especially for the followers who only follow and do not post.

“We all are so deeply interconnected; we have no option but to love all. Be kind and do good for any one and that will be reflected. The ripples of the kind heart are the highest blessings of the Universe.” ― Amit Ray, Yoga and Vipassana: An Integrated Life Style

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The idea behind a kaleidoscope is that it’s structure that is filled with broken bits and pieces and some how if you look through them you still see something breathtakingly beautiful. And I feel we are all that way a little

Thank you

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I will apologize for my mistakes. Apologize when I hurt people, EVEN when it’s not intentional. I am apologising right now because I want to comment on more posts. I want to thank more people individually for their awesomeness but I have run out of time to be everything I want to be to everyone this week has been hard, unexpected challenges, my daughter on holiday who is my priority, she is my future my everything and me still trying to find my health after three weeks of battling a throat infection finally on the up. I want to be human and say I know I am not giving you all the love and gratitude you deserve individually but thank you deeply because I feel each and everyone of you and I am so blessed. Yes, I talk too much, get too excited and love too deeply. I am wild and unpredictable. I am passionate and occasionally a bit chaotic. But that’s me and it’s what makes me unique and beautiful. If those things aren’t a good fit for someone else, it’s okay. But I will not be shamed into apologizing for being me and I want you to not apologise or be shamed for being you and doing your best. This is me, this is you. Let us take each other as we are, the good and the bad. Please know we are doing our bests.

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Bending freely
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I am 33 years old. I have had one child. Laine is now 4.5. Before I had my daughter and before I was 31 I could not handstand or do most of what I can do now. I am honored to be 33. Because for the first time in my life I feel alive, happy and loved. It isn’t age that is our restriction of what we can do. It isn’t having children that gives us limitations, it actually makes us better. It is our own minds that are our prisons. Everyone thinks of changing the world but no one thinks of changing themselves. 2 years ago I wanted to say good bye to this world, today i feel so blessed to be here. My life hasn’t really changed i still struggle financially and have no idea what I am doing from one day to the next. But 2 years later I have gone from being my own worst enemy to my own best friend. We have such high levels of automation and we still wonder why we are suffering. We walk around in our robotic states and we don’t understand why we don’t feel the passion, gratitude and bliss we have always desired. Your brain is the most powerful piece of machinery here on earth. It can be your greatest helper or your greatest enemy. Whether it is the first or the latter depends on the meanings you have created and are creating at any given point in time. Most people are running completely outdated and negative beliefs on a machine that was built to innovate, create and explore. It is time to realize that as long as you are living a fairy tale, you might as well be the king or queen who lives happily ever after instead of the peasant who is always suffering. Today I realize that the question is not whether we are caught in the mind-made prison. The real question is to what degree are we prisoners of our own minds? We are all living in an illusion and mistaking it for reality. You can skip all of the energy-draining activities you are currently doing in order to feel worthy and just know that you are worthy because you truly are.

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What are your choices reflecting?
What are your actions reflecting?
What are your words reflecting?
Your fears?
Your excuses?
Your hopes?
Your dreams?
The magic of changing your life lies here