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Before you post a comment please practice what you post in person if that comment does not go well in person, then I suggest don’t comment it. I don’t like reading about bullies or hatred or sexual predators online. It saddens me because there is so much good when we act respectfully. This social media is a wonderful tool for connecting, building communities, friendships, hobbies, careers and so much more but it is not a sex service or a porn site or a playground of bullying, shaming, naysayers or comparisons like school. So please if you want our children to be respectful, safe online please be mindful to use it appropriately. Social media has now become pretty much a must so we do not have much of a choice if we use it, but the question is how well we do it? Social is about the people your worth is no measured in likes comments or followers but your ability to love keep kindness and compassion, what happens on social media stays with us forever. Please think before you speak or comment and don’t say anything or do something to another you wouldn’t want plastered on a billboard with your face. Maybe we should stop calling it social media and call it just part of being human telling our story so we can connect better; that this online world tells the world also who we are, it is not an invisible world anymore we cannot hide behind screens.

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People often ask if I write my words. I share like all…I am a mixture of inspired writings i read or heard and my own feelings…….this is a piece I wrote yesterday for my journal with @cuchira #BEYOUtifulU challenge I believe I do not own words they are already in the world I just borrow them for a moment in Time and string them together for my soul and heart to have a voice in those moments required, my writings over the next month are going to evolve in ways I never imagine as my mind body soul….extract from my journal yesterday… scars on my soul, scars on my skin, scars on the inside and scars on the outside, some are scars of secrets yet to be healed, some are scars of slaying dragons yet to written, some you can see, some are hidden… out of love suffering has emerged the strongest souls, the most awe inspiring souls are patterned in a beautiful mosaic of scars

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I am going be honest this is me nothing special guys. No magic. Just me showing up every day. I am self taught yogi started after my daughter was born 4 years ago. No classes in person expect a gifted one by a friend in February this year in Australia when I was home visiting family. I can’t afford classes nor do I have a babysitter. I just show up every morning in this space. I don’t make money from my posts nor am I sponsored. I post in hope i can inspire others. I may have had several lounge rooms in different countries but it is still where I train. There is no magic guys expect Most of life is showing up. I take my own videos and photos. All I do and you need to do is do the best you can, which varies from day to day but most importantly show up for your dreams not your excuses.
I believe in you!

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I read so much about public shaming and how social media is teaching our children to shame other’s. But the thing is who are the shamers who are our kids teachers us the adults, the users of social media. So how do we change it. By being kind to everyone we see and meet.
@kinoyoga post recently is a good example about the lack of respect humans are giving to each other and I want to remind us all we are all connected. If we hurt someone on or offline we in turn hurt the world with growing fear. Please try to lead with love our future generations are watching us! When we show respect to each other they will too they only follow our examples.

It’s important to be open minded in our lives. Something that works for you may not work for someone else. The less judgmental we can be, the better for our well-being. Ultimately it doesn’t matter what someone else is doing because they’re living their life and you are living yours. Unless that person is doing something negative or harmful to you it is none of your concern what they are doing.

Let’s try to help one another without judgmental attitudes. This starts by supporting what works for the people you love in your life. And choosing wisely how you use social media.

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As Wallace Wattles explains in The Science of Getting Rich: “You cannot exercise much power without gratitude; for it is gratitude that keeps you connected with Power.” You are practically powerless without gratitude—thems is some pretty big words, Wattles! When you actively send this grateful energy out, you receive it back, bringing you closer and closer to Source Energy and raising your frequency higher and higher with each exchange until you come to the visceral understanding that you are the same stuff as Source Energy and that you consciously or unconsciously manifested your reality yourself out of the infinite nothingness and everythingness. Gratitude connects you to the truth that you not only have the power to manifest that which you seek, but you are the power. Which means, in essence, when you are being grateful to Source Energy you are being grateful to yourself. Which brings it back to the most powerful thing of all: Self-love. Tah dah! The more consistently you stay in gratitude and focused on that which is good, the stronger your connection to Source Energy is, and the more quickly and effortlessly you’ll be able to manifest that which is unseen into your reality. This is the almighty power of gratitude 🙏

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Kindness begins with the understanding that we all struggle.

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This is the essence of mindfulness. You are fully present in right now. You are engaged in whatever you are doing. You are no longer dwelling in the past or fretting about the future. Mindfulness ends suffering, because the present moment is perfect (even when it’s not what you think you want). The practice of mindfulness, through meditation, breathing, or any of the various ways you can practice presence, will make you a more contented, centered, and joyful person, even in the midst of your hectic daily life.

“When you realize nothing is lacking, the whole world belongs to you.” ~Lao Tzu

Thank you

Currently my phone is broken, as my head with this head cold and blond hair combo lol. So lost all my photos and videos for now but even through the challenges of life there is so much to be grateful for like you all. You Have Made A Difference
These words are for those who inspire me today. You all.
You always lend a helping hand to help show others including me. The way you love, support and share your amazing selves, yours words and support. You see others through tough parts of their lives even if they do not say thank you and for that I say thank you.

Every day you make a difference you shape mine and others minds by your input into this world and awesomeness, one person at a time. Often people are slow to say thank you and quick to judge but I want to be the opposite and say my deepest gratitude to you all. Those that bless me with their learnings, lives and presence that I am blessed to follow and those that bless me with their love that follow and experience my journey with me.
I hope that you know that there are so many people proud of you even if they do not tell you and if there is nobody in your life right now and you feel alone I am proud of you. Because each day standing up and living another day and breathing is a feat in its self, as some sadly cannot even do that.
You all are leaders, teachers, every day heroes and lovers in this world who help minds to grow and change for the better in turn lives. You may not get a person thanking you, but you do make this world a better place and help many on their journey of life. So please know… I am so thankful for you all. You all enrich my life in one way or another. I read all your comments and appreciate your time and effort to communicate with me and your hearts are heart warmers and strength givers. I wish I could rightfully return your love in person but know i appreciate you immensely; and those I follow I don’t have enough words to do you justice you inspire me and are awesome beyond words. I hope to all of you i also give you some beauty in your life too with what I share. Namaste Rhy

On my LIVE session today I shared with you all Day 5: Strength Practice – True Strength Evolution 3 by @dylanwerneryoga I want to show that anything is possible. We all have plenty of reasons why we cant. I do not have a coach in person, I do not have a baby sitter for my daughter. I am not a gymnast or dancer. I just decided the instead of finding the reasons why I cant I would find the reasons why I can make my dreams come true.
I want to share my love of yoga and help others to learn so I am giving you 50% off your first workout with @codyapp this link
No matter what you achieve somebody helps you, behind the creation we call our own are thoughts of others and efforts of so many incredible souls.
I want yoga to not be some awe inspiring unattainable thing for others who aren’t where I am. I want everyone to know they can. It literally saved my soul and life. 2 and a bit years ago I would never imagined these movements being part of my daily life. At the time of starting handstands I was a girl in Saudi Arabia struggling like hell, deep depression from life being too much and on top of that dealing now with this different culture that is very restricted for western women, being away from family and trying to figure out this thing called motherhood, life without family to help was too much so I thought…. I turned my struggles and pain to a goal… better flexibility and learn handstands in yoga. Now I am here a few years later doing more than I dreamed and happier than ever…. and you can be too. I learnt it all at home no classes, except one gifted to me, my first class this year so grateful. Maybe the butterfly is proof that you can go through a great deal of darkness yet become something more amazing then you dreamed.
Believe and achieve namaste 🙏

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People ask me if I get money for my posts. I don’t make really any money. I am a full time mom blogging for free. I support brands, products and people that really resonate with me or I use. I’m not sponsored I don’t go to classes. I just learn online. I create all my own posts, videos and photos myself. I am sharing my yoga and personal trainer knowledge for free. I do this in hope to help others and also as I learn I want to help others to do the same. My ultimate goal is to have a career to support my daughter as I help others in fitness and yoga but in the mean time I will gift it to the world and pay it forward.