Pike Handstand Jump

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Suffering and happiness coexist

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While we can’t avoid all suffering in life, we can suffer much less by watering seeds of suffering inside us. If you know how to make good use of mud you can make beautiful lotuses. If you know how to make good suffering, you can produce happiness. We do need some suffering to make happiness possible. And most of us have enough suffering inside around us to be able to do that. We do not have to create more. The Four Noble Truths: The Buddha’s Four Nobel Truths are: there is suffering; there is a course of action that generates suffering; suffering ceases (i.e. there is happiness); and there is a course of action leading to cessation of suffering (the arising of happiness). If we embrace suffering and recognize it then we will be able to look deeply in its roots and let go of the habits that feed it and at the same time find happiness…

Fireycorebuilder2 tips

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Day 5 #Fireycorebuilder2 wall work tips… I watched the amazing participants and wanted to explain further a few skills, because I believe as a teacher I am also a student and when I see skills that may need further instruction I learn better ways to teach through you all.
Opening shoulders before wall work
Straight arm scapular unilateral work
Core and hip flexor engagement to lessen pressure on shoulders
Hip tilt
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Hi all
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You are amazing

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When we think about inspiration, what inspires us most are ordinary people who have done extraordinary things. We appreciate when someone has the ability and willingness to be selfless, creative, innovative, or just dares to be different. Mother Teresa. Gandhi. Martin Luther King, Jr. All of them were ordinary people who decided that the world needed their help — true leaders who believed that they could change the world and who, despite nearly impossible odds and tremendous opposition, weren’t afraid to try.

The beautiful thing about inspiration of this kind is that “ordinary” part. Certainly, each of these people had that charismatic ability to lead others to better things. But each of them came from backgrounds of great poverty and difficulty. Each of them faced giant mountains to climb. They managed to reach the summit of those mountains not simply because they were great leaders, but because they were not afraid to be who they were. They were authentic. They demanded authenticity in those who followed them, as well.

What it means is that too many of us fail to see the greatness within ourselves. Too many of us assume that a person is only great if he/she makes national headlines. But press isn’t necessary. In fact, sometimes the most inspiring people in the world go completely unnoticed. What inspires are the people who do something to better humanity in their own small corner of the world. They don’t need headlines or accolades. They need only to know that they stepped up to make things better.

Understand that you can be an inspiration to others, no matter what you feel you have or have not achieved. Even if you feel that you have not yet reached the endpoint, and even if you feel like you have reached a low point, you have the ability to inspire.

Meditation for Love and Acceptance

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Meditation is not about suppressing thoughts. Instead meditation is about allowing the mind to settle on its on terms, in its own time, which includes allowing thoughts to arise as and when they want, whatever they maybe. Over time with practice; just like working out, over time with practice your body becomes fitter and stronger and so does your mind. As the mind becomes more deeply settled, the thoughts will slow down and eventually go from being a rock concert loud and over energising to a beautiful calming placid trickle of water noises slowly evening out into a placid lake. Over many hours of practice the mind can learn to quiet down on demand, but that does not come from suppressing the process of thinking, instead it comes from learning to give the mind a chance to do its thing and settle on its own terms.

The snow globe analogy.
Our minds often behave a lot like snow globes. As soon as we move & pick them up to examine them, we notice how “stirred up” things start to become inside them.When we take notice and examine our own minds, our thoughts, feelings, and sensations often appear to be swirling around much like the unsettled flakes (glitter) of the snow globe. To clearly recognize (distinguish) what’s happening in our own minds, we have to allow things to settle.

The first thing we need to do is to still the body, so we can still our mind. When we set the snow globe down- now we can simply observe its flakes settle. It is through our watchful observation- our non-disturbing attention that things can settle down naturally. It may not take long in the snow globe the way it does in our mind, but we also can’t make either settle without being still ourselves. We need to exercise patience (forbearance) by taking time to let the mind settle.

After your snow globe has become clear & settled, pick it up again and shake it. As best you can, see if you can follow just one of the pieces of glitter or a single snow flake as it drifts downward in the globe. Be aware of your breath as you watch the “storm” (turbulence) in the globe calming itself. If you lose track of your little piece of glitter or flake, simply find another to watch swirl until it settles. As you watch, let your mind settle itself.

When your globe settles, “check in” with your mind. Is it more settled than before? Try lifting and swirling the globe again…

Here is a shorter meditation for those that do not have time. https://youtu.be/ACdlW2agE88

Pole and training

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No music please use your own
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I close out my practice with some rocking music and much needed pole dance because I am neglecting its awesomeness lately and have so much to learn…
Know that you are fucking valuable. Start your day like it is your last. Seek nectar. Shatter your veneer. Stretch your bright spots. Practice transparency. Love hard. Dream big. Sweat daily. Resist nothing. Embrace your story. It is the only one you have got. Do not feed negativity. Do not engage with negative people. Do not live in the past. Fuck your identity. Crush your false beliefs. Prove yourself wrong. Run towards your fears instead of away. Throw your stone as hard as you can, knowing that it will send ripples. Questions. turn your dial to give. Do not gossip. Do not seek approval or validation. Get out of your head. It is the most dangerous place. Do not react. Respond. Eat well not more. Do things alone. Understand before you speak. Burn your boats. Lean forward. Forgive. Know somebody. And go to bed with fucking GRATITUDE.

Carbon38 Review

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I wanted to shout out an awesome brand @carbon38 @teamc38 they have been a huge support for me even believing in me being a yogi, before I did. I promote them because they are real people behind the activewear. Sometimes many of us forget behind every product placement or shoutout of a brand is humans trying to make their success stories. And we mustn’t forget that because we are blessed for so many generous souls giving as sponsors in yoga challenges and online etc as gifts. Once upon time this never happened, regular people never got to experience amazing products unless we paid for them. But what I find even more awesome is that we are now promoting and supporting each other as loving communities and that is a beautiful thing. So namaste to all those amazing people and brands like @carbon38 creating amazing brands and communities of people along the way as they build their success stories, brands and give to not only receive but help others.
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