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I close out my practice with some rocking music and much needed pole dance because I am neglecting its awesomeness lately and have so much to learn…
Know that you are fucking valuable. Start your day like it is your last. Seek nectar. Shatter your veneer. Stretch your bright spots. Practice transparency. Love hard. Dream big. Sweat daily. Resist nothing. Embrace your story. It is the only one you have got. Do not feed negativity. Do not engage with negative people. Do not live in the past. Fuck your identity. Crush your false beliefs. Prove yourself wrong. Run towards your fears instead of away. Throw your stone as hard as you can, knowing that it will send ripples. Questions. turn your dial to give. Do not gossip. Do not seek approval or validation. Get out of your head. It is the most dangerous place. Do not react. Respond. Eat well not more. Do things alone. Understand before you speak. Burn your boats. Lean forward. Forgive. Know somebody. And go to bed with fucking GRATITUDE.

Instagram @rhyannawatson
I wanted to shout out an awesome brand @carbon38 @teamc38 they have been a huge support for me even believing in me being a yogi, before I did. I promote them because they are real people behind the activewear. Sometimes many of us forget behind every product placement or shoutout of a brand is humans trying to make their success stories. And we mustn’t forget that because we are blessed for so many generous souls giving as sponsors in yoga challenges and online etc as gifts. Once upon time this never happened, regular people never got to experience amazing products unless we paid for them. But what I find even more awesome is that we are now promoting and supporting each other as loving communities and that is a beautiful thing. So namaste to all those amazing people and brands like @carbon38 creating amazing brands and communities of people along the way as they build their success stories, brands and give to not only receive but help others.
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Just wanted to send gratitude I can’t thank you enough for all your love ❤️
The thing that I think is the most important is taking moments to express your appreciation to others, nobody knows unless you tell them you are grateful even though we think they do. Think about you when someone shows gratitude to you it lights you up so please remember to light others up. A thank you or a quick hug can go a long way toward affirming people worth and creating happiness. That’s not hard to do even when you’re juggling life and all it gives us
Namaste awesome souls

Hips Flow

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@cyogalab #splitsadventure this pose I’m working towards leg behind head v-sit. This is my first flow this morning after a few static stretches not fully opening but enjoying breathing through the motion. Every step we take in life leads us some where further or closer to your goals you just have to make sure that you take responsibility for each step because no one else walks in our shoes except us. I maybe not fully skilled in so many things yet but I like to walk towards the dream rather than my excuses. I maybe tried but I like to walk towards my dreams rather than my regrets. I may not be there yet but I like to journey forward not backwards… where are your steps taking you today? Wearing @lasculpte

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No perfection in me guys but you still choose to see all my beauty that I often miss. Why don’t you choose to see yours too?Be your own best friend. Stop hating yourself for everything you are not and start loving yourself for everything you are. You have been hating yourself for years that hasn’t worked try loving yourself. Beauty starts in your head not in the mirror.

Slowing down

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#SlowDown2PowerUp 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
Ma#SlowDown2PowerUp 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
Magnificent flow from the awe inspiring @carrot_bowl_bonnie this was originally 2.45 min … live a journey not a race slow down enjoy the moments as these moments are your life…. more of your life then any goal will ever be… the small things are the big things they are your life… Relax take a deep breath and let it flow
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My practice today backbends…
We should be excited about the fact we are alive. When we are alive we have an opportunity to make dreams become reality, our lives better. That’s fucking exciting not depression, that’s a gift so many people don’t have….
There are four clips to watch in order, the words of this speaker is empowering beyond all else. Remember you can be anyone you want if you believe and work for it.



The Gift of Choice Why do we want to live in the present? There are many reasons, but here’s a big one: The present is the only opportunity we have to make the choices that define our lives. In the present moment, we have the gift of choice. We cannot choose in the future, and we cannot choose in the past. Neither exists. This gift of choice is only available to us in the moment. Can you see why we really do not want to miss out on the opportunity to make choices in the ordinary moments of our day? This is our life. These choices, one by one, make us the people we are. When we choose wisely and mindfully, we are loving, compassionate, and confident. I often say, “Living Present, we are aware of the ordinary moments of our lives, which are extraordinary.” Each moment, each choice, counts.

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Some of my real time practice I try to do things that scare me or I am weak at @dharmayogawheel warrior 3 to extended leg and pistol squat. Balance I love because if I’m not present I can’t do it, it teaches me focus.
“The moments of our daily life may appear commonplace, but they carry enormous significance. When we look upon every moment as sacred, a new energy flows into our lives.” Vinoba Bhave On the surface, our daily lives might seem ordinary. Occasionally we attend a special event or something exciting happens, but for the most part, when we are not living mindfully in the present moment, we sort of just do what needs to be done and grab moments of enjoyment whenever we can. We might even think that much of what we do during the day is a waste of time or just a means to an end: Let me get through these eight hours of work so that I can go home and watch my favorite television show tonight, or Let me get through this month so that I can go on vacation, or Let me get through this year so that I can graduate, and so on. “We are not just meant to survive in life, we are meant to thrive!” When we live by trying to “survive,” the hours, days, months, and even years fly by, and they are lost to us forever. We really did not make them count. We were not living in the moment. Our attention was everywhere else but on that precious moment called now . “Fortunately, we know it does not have to be this way; we are not meant to live this way, and you can live the magnificent life you wish to live.” Our first nature is to be present to everyone and everything in the moment. Simply put, when our attention is focused, we are present to only what we are doing—we are honoring the moment by giving it our all. We experience the moment more fully, which gives us a greater sense of fulfillment, gratitude, and ease.

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This is yoga no perfection just play and this is also life to be a good parent all you need to do is be here and now kids don’t want your expectations of the perfect parent or society’s ideas of the perfect parent they just want you as you are. That to them you already are the perfect parent