Pike Handstand Jump

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Suffering and happiness coexist

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While we can’t avoid all suffering in life, we can suffer much less by watering seeds of suffering inside us. If you know how to make good use of mud you can make beautiful lotuses. If you know how to make good suffering, you can produce happiness. We do need some suffering to make happiness possible. And most of us have enough suffering inside around us to be able to do that. We do not have to create more. The Four Noble Truths: The Buddha’s Four Nobel Truths are: there is suffering; there is a course of action that generates suffering; suffering ceases (i.e. there is happiness); and there is a course of action leading to cessation of suffering (the arising of happiness). If we embrace suffering and recognize it then we will be able to look deeply in its roots and let go of the habits that feed it and at the same time find happiness…

Fireycorebuilder2 tips

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Day 5 #Fireycorebuilder2 wall work tips… I watched the amazing participants and wanted to explain further a few skills, because I believe as a teacher I am also a student and when I see skills that may need further instruction I learn better ways to teach through you all.
Opening shoulders before wall work
Straight arm scapular unilateral work
Core and hip flexor engagement to lessen pressure on shoulders
Hip tilt
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Hi all
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