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Before you post a comment please practice what you post in person if that comment does not go well in person, then I suggest don’t comment it. I don’t like reading about bullies or hatred or sexual predators online. It saddens me because there is so much good when we act respectfully. This social media is a wonderful tool for connecting, building communities, friendships, hobbies, careers and so much more but it is not a sex service or a porn site or a playground of bullying, shaming, naysayers or comparisons like school. So please if you want our children to be respectful, safe online please be mindful to use it appropriately. Social media has now become pretty much a must so we do not have much of a choice if we use it, but the question is how well we do it? Social is about the people your worth is no measured in likes comments or followers but your ability to love keep kindness and compassion, what happens on social media stays with us forever. Please think before you speak or comment and don’t say anything or do something to another you wouldn’t want plastered on a billboard with your face. Maybe we should stop calling it social media and call it just part of being human telling our story so we can connect better; that this online world tells the world also who we are, it is not an invisible world anymore we cannot hide behind screens.

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Just me… showing up smiling because I can show up. 5am rise and shine this time is a gift let’s make some shifts… let’s stop with the can’ts, excuses and complaints and start with the cans, opportunities and gratitude three simple changes all within our attitudes that changes our lives… wearing @wickedweasel
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#Fireycorebuilder2.0 Day 1 has arrived
This isn’t just a challenge this is a 5 day course of learnings to help you grow as a practitioner of movement. I will also be giving away my quest for press program here Yoga isn’t the pose it’s the journey I want to help others build a beautiful, safe journey. Today is deep core movements and balance you choose one exercise to try in a photo or video or the flow, there is something for beginners and advanced because we are all on a journey of growth we never stop learning thank you for joining me namaste 🙏
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Fun handstand butt burning Burpee to try for anyone wanting to figure out how to get their glutes activated while flying around try this with or without a band. Tagging @supermomtraci @kaii_to_magic_ @cookieroshan_sarah and @fitnessbyerin to try

Instagram @rhyannawatson
I am excited to announce my new body weight online program on Vimeo here

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Please watch to see my journey from before pregnancy, 36 weeks pregnant, Laines first photo at home, 3 weeks post pregnancy, 3 months post pregnancy to today whole video.These workouts are how I regained my fitness and now I am sharing in hope to help others. I know how hard it is so I want to help others achieve their dreams. These workouts are for anyone wanted to regain their fitness they are loved for their short, ferocious effectiveness. I used these workouts to regain my fitness and health after pregnancy. I have traveled from Australia, Austria, South Africa, Saudi Arabia and now Switzerland. I have a 4 year old daughter and have trained exclusively at home alone the last 4.5 years, no trainer, nor nanny and I am in the best shape of my life and health. I now want to help others regain their real health their wealth.
My new Bodyweight to fit program for all. It is a highly requested 30-day fitness workout program to burn fat and build muscles. Based on innovative high-intensity interval training, the workouts are designed to be done anywhere, anytime (no fancy gym equipment necessary), in around 15 minutes a day.
This is a month long program. Each week you have 5 workouts. You have 2 days rest. What you will feel and notice over the month is your fitness and strength improving as your body evolves and becomes more physically fit. You will notice by week 3 or 4 big changes in your strength abilities and body. Please make sure you also keep a clean nutritional lifestyle.
I hope you enjoy Rhy

Training Time

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One child and over 30 anyones dreams can come true

People ask me about my workouts about my training. They say also that fitness people have good genetics or are blessed to have time. But we can always find a reasons why we cant or why someones life looks easier from the outside. But I want to show you there is no easier. Standing up at 5-6am is not easy it is me making time instead of making excuses. Workout at any time of day is not easy with our busy lives so I congratulate you all. It isn’t that people have time they make time. It is not that people are more motivated they practice mindfulness to choose decisions and thoughts that assist them moving towards their dreams instead of their excuses. We all have the same amount of time in a day. It is just that we all choose differently where to allocate it. I ask you are you allocating your choices wisely? Take responsibility and see how you can make the rest of your life the best of your life by showing up for your dreams instead of your excuses. Happy Saturday. Tag a friend and give this workout a try.

Workout Breakdown

Time Challenge one round 30 reps each exercise #zwow workout normally done 3 rounds 10 reps each exercise but I didn’t have time so I did 1 round 30 reps each exercise
1. Surfer
2. Jump lunge / knee up / front kick
3. Crossed ankles push up knee tuck
4. Chair squat heel lift jump / Sumo squat heel lift jump
5. Laying high leg lifts
6. Super woman / power push up
7. Jump Tuck to pistol
8. Reverse Plank twist knee tuck
9. One leg Side plank lift – L
10. One leg Side plank lift – R

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I have not got anything figured out expect I show up for my dreams and do my best and try to make every action and decision with love…. Success isn’t a fit body. Success isn’t a perfect diet. Success is not always being happy or together. Success isn’t perfect kids or hair or house or anything external. Success is inner peace, self love, health and a strong mind… for me that means showing up every day to my goals. My goals are not the same as everyones but they are important to me. My goals make me the best i can be for a human a mother and for life. So I ask you today. Stop striving for perfect and start striving for growth. Growth is in everything if we fail we learn and when we have success we have worked hard to achieve it. So make your goal growth not perfection and watch your life change.

Instagram @rhyannawatson
Kick butt—no matter your size—with @ashley.horner programs here:
Friends, I cannot tell you how many times that I sat behind my bathroom door with it locked and the water running so no one would hear and I would just sob. Tears would fall from overwhelm and just wanting a moment to breathe. I’m a mom. It’s been hard regaining my health and doing life. In foreign countries, without help. But as you can see Laine has always been with me every step of the way.
I hear often I don’t have time. It’s too hard with kids. And for me it feels the same. I feel the day’s end and I haven’t taken a breath. But she will always be my reason why not my excuse. Because I will never make my daughter anything but a positive gift. And if I make excuses for my dreams she will too. Because I am the example she follows not the words I speak. It’s hard but she’s worth it. I am worth. There is always reasons why you can and can’t but I will always choose my cans because my life is a gift. I get one shot and i am worth a life more than excuses and regrets as are you! It’s hard to be unhealthy and it is hard being healthy. Have you tried getting up at 5am to train 7 days a week, no trainer, no class, no teacher just relying on your own self to learn and grow? I’ll tell you honestly It’s hard, but I will tell you honestly so is making regrets and then living with my excuses. So choose wisely life is going to pass us all by soon make sure you pass it with value and challenges of growth. We need to get unstuck from our excuses, we need to do this.

I know there are so many excuses and real life issues. I know. I know what it is like to open the door and to meet the bills wondering how to pay them. I know what it is like to have no sleep. I know what it like to have a child terribly ill. I know.

And because I know I know that if you can do one thing for you every day after day after day you can begin to get unstuck and you can begin to find you again.

Just one thing.

Just one.

Do it for me?

Because you know what? I don’t want you stuck. I want you to breathe. To laugh. To love life. To look at yourself and be proud. To smile. To meet me at Starbucks and to tell me your victories and loves and how you did it.

You can do this.

You can become unstuck.

New plan available to buy or rent on Vimeo
I am really excited to announce I now have my first full plan on Vimeo for those wanting to learn the press handstand or build core strength this is the plan for you. In conjunction with my challenge starting Nov 23 #fireycorebuilder2.0 I will be giving this plan away as a gift at the end of my challenge to one lucky participant. I am also honored to have now 6 amazing sponsors for my challenge. Scroll for more details and tag a friend:
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In conjunction with my #fireycorebuilder2.0 I will be giving one person this plan for free
In this month long course you will learn to activate the intelligence of your core and harness its strength. This will open the channels between your upper and lower hemispheres and you will experience more fluid and balanced transitions in your flows. At the end of this course, poses like handstands will be more attainable and you will move with ease and grace as new movements harmonize within your body.

I feel we need to go back to our centre and become a community of not only expressers but teachers. I put this challenge together because I want to breakdown inversions to what they really are core builders. I want beginners, intermediate and advanced to have steps to achieve their dreams. Stairs if you will, to their castles of dreams built in the sky.

For these 5 days I want to bring awareness through motion and balance utilising the core the centre for all safe movements and help your practice to grow. I want to show you how using your strength in your core and having core awareness actually creates your flexibility more soundly and brings union between the mind, body and soul. I believe that strength, balance, flexibility and health are achieved every time we step on the mat and it’s the beauty of yoga that helps us translate that to our everyday lives with mindfulness. I have been asked many time about my practice and how I have achieved my learnings. So I wanted to create a course that I could give back to this beautiful community and help others grow 🙏

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By openly talking about mental health problems we will help others realize the scientific fact that mental health issues are medical issues — and they are not only pervasive, but they desperately need to be understood and treated.

Mental health also starts with each individual. Take care of your own mental health by doing what you need to do to remain mentally well. If its mediation, talking or movement, do what it takes to keep your mind healthy. Brain health is one of our most valuable assets. Do all that you can do. Be a shining example of mental wellness to everyone within your own personal sphere of influence.
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