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We were inspired by the beautiful @summerperez and her angel 😇
This is parenthood. Not put together, stains on the clothes and crazy hair and tired just a bit. Sometimes it’s easy to miss the beauty in the ordinary, the power in the simple, the love in normal. Dance in the rain. Or go on the slip and slide. Live with fervor today as if it’s a gift. And remember your heart. And never ever dismiss the you in the mirror because that you is doing amazing things. Look at those little smiles, look at them thriving because of you moms and dads.
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This workout is designed for the advanced and it will kick your butt. I have been working with ankle weights about 2 months and it has really helped my core. These are not required. I am also working on floating and planche and this is what this workout is all about using your core to float around in space. Now please note this is not for beginners we are all beginners at something as I am for planche and we all started as beginners. It is not about where you are it is about the journey you are taking, showing up and believing in yourself. I am self taught yogi, pole dancer and dancer if I had let money or not having a teacher stopping me I would never be where I am today. So tag a friend if you want a fun advanced workout.

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Zoom Zoom workout 39 – Breakdown
1 – 5 rounds

Tag a friend and have fun

5 x L sit Lolasana to Elevated leg straddle hold

5 x Firefly to Straddle Handstand to Firefly with or without ankle weights

10 x Helicopter legs with or without weights

Less Judgment

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This is me same person never changing except for what I am wearing.
Who I am inside doesn’t change only items of clothing. I get saddened often to read people have received cyber bullying I can’t believe this is still happening I remember reading and hearing about three beautiful souls and inspiring women @carleebyoga @tattooedyogimama and @joe_lizzzzzz_yoga having received it and it upset me immensely.
To judge someone for the way they are externally is just pure and utter craziness.
Im scared as hell to be putting myself out here in the world to be judged by others. But I am more scared not to try and make a difference. Because I am tired of hurting from others judgment on me and seeing and feeling others hurting for being judged.
I don’t want my daughter to feel the pain I have nor another single soul.
I don’t care who you are, if you judge people for a living then I recommend that you take a long good look at your life because if you are taking that time out of your life to criticize other people for being someone that they want to be then you need to fix yourself. Fix your mind set. Fix the way you see the world because who ever taught you that being yourself is wrong did not teach you right. I will not judge you for wanting to be a different gender. I will not judge you for your beliefs and religions. I will not judge you for the clothes you wear or the music you listen too. I am so sick of us all judging another and being automatically labeled for who we are. It is enough we all have suffered enough.
Please listen, Labels only distorted our vision,
Which is why for half of those watching this will dismiss it or feel resistance and conflicted,
But, just remember, so did the caterpillar before it broke the shell and became the magnificent butterfly,
Well these labels are our shells and we must do the same thing so we can finally spread our wings,
Human beings were not meant to be slapped with labels like groceries and supermarkets,
DNA cannot be regulate everyday,
We were meant to be free and only until we remove them all,
And stop living and thinking so small,
Will we be free to see ourselves and each other for who we truly are.
More love less judgment

My Practice

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Sometimes I get so caught up in life that I forget my own practice…
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Today I decided just to play….all this challenge hosting left me little time and my voice keeps seeing so many inspiring yogis like @carleebyoga @fitnessbyerin @natascha_yoga @ettlivstyle @beahappyamy @mirajfindingbalance @kdhoferyoga @theashkicker @thegivingmom @adellbridgesyoga @blissology @rawcalisthenics @aris_inmotion @ashleygalvinyoga @fitqueenirene @cuchira @mackenzieyoga @patrickbeach @meghancurrieyoga the list goes on that I wish I could do half of what they can do and others… you know that voice that keeps on telling you it cant possibly be done…. so today I decided to go back to me for a moment and instead lovingly tell that voice to F off… Today for the first time I was transitioning with ankle weights dolphin handstand splits both legs low fire fly…. the magic happens when we breathe and trust the journey. Just like all the above awesome souls they were also once beginners and now they are epic beyond words inspiration for us all. So much respect for them and all on this journey of growth.

Middle splits

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@cyogalab #splitsadventure this is not my skill this split form is incredibly challenging for me i avoid so now I sit in stillness with it. Is stillness just the absence of noise and content? No, it is intelligence itself —the underlying consciousness out of which every form is born. And how could that be separate from who you are? The form that you think you are came out of that and is being sustained by it. It is the essence of all galaxies and blades of grass; of all flowers, trees, birds, and all other forms.
Stillness is the only thing in this world that has no form. But then, it is not really a thing, and it is not of this world. When you look at a tree or a human being in stillness, who is looking? Something deeper than the person. Consciousness is looking at its creation. In the Bible, it says that God created the world and saw that it was good. That is what you see when you look from stillness without thought. Do you need more knowledge? Is more information going to save the world, or faster computers, more scientific or intellectual analysis? Is it not wisdom that humanity needs most at this time? But what is wisdom and where is it to be found? Wisdom comes with the ability to be still. Just look and just listen. No more is needed. Being still, looking, and listening activates the non-conceptual intelligence within you. Let stillness direct your words and actions.

Just Rhy

Just Rhy

I don’t like labels or titles
I’m not sure what I am….So, for now, I’m Rhy.
A woman, who loves to help others to remember how to listen to and trust their intuition and remind them they are already awesome and beautiful, becoming more awesome and beautiful.
When people ditch what the world told them they “should be’ and embrace who they really are. It’s amazing to witness the lifestyle, career and relationship changes that take place, when they stop putting pressure on themselves. They tend to trade pressure for passion.
Basically, I love watching and encouraging people to soar. I dont have a job in it. I don’t earn money doing it. I just do it out of pure love because I believe we all can be successful, happy and beautiful. I believe my life here is to not service me alone but to service anyone in need.
So there you have it. No title, simply a whole lot of passion and love for helping others.
“Never forget that you are one of a kind. Never forget that if there weren’t any need for you in all your uniqueness to be on this earth, you wouldn’t be here in the first place. And never forget, no matter how overwhelming life’s challenges and problems seem to be, that one person can make a difference in the world. In fact, it is always because of one person that all changes that matter in the world come about. So be that one person.” – Buckminster Fuller

Come join the fun @rhyannawatson grow your yoga practice, strength and balance while having fun
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So guys @amyweckermd and i want this challenge be accessible for all….many people don’t join challenges because the poses are too advanced but we want this challenge to be about you growing in a safe and comfortable environment, trying new things and doing your best. Here I show you an beginner option and an advanced option.
It ain’t about perfection it is about bringing joy and your authenticity as we learn and grow and support each other. #STEPUPTOBALANCE can’t wait to see all your post we are so honored you play with us 🙏

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I only have one beautiful outfit and I had to wash it so it’s drying right now for tomorrow day 3 fun 😉
Line up:
Day 1 – Amy – Tripod Headstand
Day 2 – Rhy – Handstand splits
Day 3 – Amy – Supported Headstand
Day 4 – Rhy – Peacock
Day 5 – Amy – Crow
Day 6 – Rhy – Hollowback
Day 7 – Amy – Pincha Stag Legs
Day 8 – Rhy – Locust
Day 9 – Amy – Pincha Scorpion
Day 10 – Rhy – Pistol Squat

This workout is designed to help you understand your core and balance for the pike press in headstand and handstand. It will help you to understand your hip movement required to lift your legs against gravities pull and the engagement of your core.

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Zoom Zoom workout 38 – Breakdown
1 – 5 rounds

Tag a friend and have fun

10 x Swiss ball pike frogs

10 x Swiss ball leg extensions

10 x Swiss ball Chat hip lifts

10 x Swiss ball Hamstring Glute combo

Instagram @rhyannawatson
People Don’t Think of You as Much as You Think They Do

From our perspective, the whole world revolves around us, but there are 7 billion people who see it the same way. While we are not all inherently selfish or self-obsessed, we are all far more concerned with how we are perceived by others than how we perceive them.

So once again, embrace your true self and find peace in knowing that people are too concerned with themselves to give you as much as attention as you think they are.

Instagram @rhyannawatson
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Everyone asks how I get so strong… i don’t consider myself strong I just consider myself trained. I am a mom, I am a woman and I am human. Therefore we walk side by side with being challenged and reasons we can’t do things. But we also walk side by side with our opportunities for growth and development I believe that strength isn’t a human, a body type, a sex, an age, a training etc I believe it comes from your beliefs and showing up for your dreams and not your excuses. So if you want to be good at something whatever it be believe you can firstly and secondly show up. My goal here is to be able to planche and i don’t care how long it takes I belief I can if I work for it. Where I am right now doesn’t matter, what matters is I am trying…. so if you want something you haven’t done then my wisdom for you is believe and work…. no magic cause you already have the magic. YOU are the magic to create all your dreams.