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This is the best way to get strong with only a Yoga mat. This workout is challenging, but also incredibly fun! People often ask me how I get so strong so I thought I would create a full workout for you all to follow along and try. People often think that yoga only creates flexibility but as you will see it also build strength.

I build strength with holds, reps, and difficult movements working flexibility and strength in unison. I am going to push you to your absolute limit. But it’s when you get to that point when you say I want to quit and you keep going, that’s when you physically and mentally get stronger – that’s when you evolve.

You will learn to recruit both larger and smaller muscle groups, to move and control your body, and to have the intelligence to take your body into positions that you never could before. This is how I build my strength and body control and this is how you can too. When you have strength, flexibility and endurance the possibilities of what you can do with your body are unlimited.

Namaste and I hope you all enjoy Rhy

Please note I am available for private workouts, online training for yoga and fitness. I am also available to train in person for private sessions. Please feel free to contact me to discuss further via contact.

Instagram @rhyannawatson
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No matter what you achieve somebody helps you, behind the creation we call our own are thoughts of others and efforts of so many incredible souls.
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I want yoga to not be some awe
Inspiring unattainable thing for others who aren’t where I am. I want everyone to know they can. It literally saved my soul and life. 2 and a bit years ago I would never imagined these movements being part of my daily life. At the time of starting handstands I was a girl in Saudi Arabia struggling like hell, deep depression from life being too much and on top of that dealing now with this different culture that is very restricted for western women, being away from family and trying to figure out this thing called motherhood, life without family to help was too much so I thought…. I turned my struggles and pain to a goal… better flexibility and learn handstands in yoga with Now I am here a few years later doing more than I dreamed and happier than ever…. and you can be too. I learnt it all at home no classes, except Val Ansett gifted me my first class this year so grateful for him. Maybe the butterfly is proof that you can go through a great deal of darkness yet become something more amazing then you dreamed. I want to share my love of yoga and help others to learn so I am giving you 50% off your first workout with using this link
In this video of me all these skills are thanks to and their amazing trainers. And I want to say thank you to them for shining their lights so people like me can see the way.
I learnt the following skills with:
Firefly to handstand Eoin Finn
Handstand from Ashley Glavin
Floating from Dylan Werner
Hollow back and backbends from MacKenzie Kozlowski
Camel and deeper backbends from Talia Sutra
Hip opening movements from Kino McGregor
Core transitioning from Patrick Beach
Control from Meghan Currie
Safety and awareness from Irene Papis
Love and acceptance in my practice from Erin Kelly & Steph Gongora
Creating heat and deepening my poses through breath Briohny Smyth
Functional training Kaisa Kearney
Bodyweight control from Darrell Michnowicz
Please follow your dreams, believe in you and don’t give up

When I cool down I like to put music on and feel what my body needs. You can see I have no perfect place I have my daughter near by because perfection is a myth but humans are not. So drop perfect and find you in your life and what you need with what you have. No one fits all. There is no description that best suits us all for any movement except listen to your body, soul and heart. That is how I go through life with movement being and expression of my body, heart and soul speaking through my body what it needs. My biggest advice I could give would be to be intuitive and move away from society rules and pressures. When we become intuitive and do what works for us in turn the life starts to mirror us and work for us too. Where your mind goes your body and life follows. Namaste

Instagram @rhyannawatson
This is for you @beahappyamy trying your wall tricks…. every time I see you I think of circus acrobatics and a Circus theme song always plays with your moves in my head; and the words she is epically awesome…. you are and @mirajfindingbalance two of my biggest holy shit what the fuck how is this possible defying gravity people. Such much love ❤️ I am in awe and have so much respect for you and anyone here following their dreams trying and trying and never giving in. Namaste 🙏

New Skills

Instagram @rhyannawatson
Does anyone else see someone’s Instagram and choose a crazy goal. I do often and never focus enough but two nights ago I saw @rubberbandrebecca do her chinstand feet to floor flat in a week so that became one of my practice goals this week. And yesterday look what the cat dragged in chinstand flat feet. Oh the magic of practice and inspiring souls together is a beautiful combo. Be patient there is nothing you cannot do, don’t think about it too much. It will come to you when you are not thinking intently about it and keep on showing up.
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Currently I am working on opening into deeper heart openers it is a work in progress but here are some drills I do to assist my heart blossoming further into Backbends
1a. Wheel rock lifts
1b. Wheel to forearm drop back
2. Swinging back bend to wheel
3. Wall assisted cobra
4. Camel pose 1 and two legs
5. Chin stand feet to floor
6. Cobra assisted holds

Instagram @rhyannawatson
@supermomtraci and @yellowkimber inspired me to try the side eagle press a really big struggle especially trying to keep straight legs, and did not expect to make it as my side body is not my strongest player. Woo hoo to the inspiring souls above you reminded me I can, if I believe and try. How awesome is Instagram so many gifted people helping and inspiring each other what a blessed community and world we have.

Instagram @rhyannawatson

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I see daily people awesomeness trying to gain new skills and it is so inspiring for me and one I know challenged me was pressing and handstands. I don’t want to be making groovy skills alone I want to help you all so we can make them together because life to me represents helping others because we are all connected. So here are a few handstand drill to help you in your #questforpress and #handstand work.
Drill 1 the float
Drill 2 High Lolasna
Drill 3 step ups to high Lolasana to handstand

Advanced Warm up

@shiziks requested I show a warm up video here is a sequence I use and repeat a few times to open my body. The repetition is where the body opens, building heat in breath, building fire in tightness to let it smolder into openness

Instagram @rhyannawatson
I’m not anywhere I want to be but I am not anywhere I don’t want to be, in fact I am right where I need to be. In life we expect that we should be, should do and should have but in reality we should just be here where we are now and drop the expectations and just be. You see in life if we want to be happy we just be. If we want to be enough we just be. If want to be grateful we just be… all our answers are here in just being exactly where we are.