Challenge come join me learn your core #fireycorebuilder Day 1

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N E W C H A L L E N G E 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓
Day 1: Bodyweight core movements
Today we are going to use several bodyweight exercises to work on understanding how our core creates our movements and also a strong safe practice.
I put my heart and soul into this challenge i feel like its time for me to give back and help others to learn the magic of the core. This challenge is so important to me. This challenge is indepth not just a video flow like most challenges but break downs for beginners to advanced so you can grow you practice and understand the core better the last slide for more advanced is a flow to try in every day. Beginners intermediate can just pick the skill break down to post. Any questions comment below.
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I feel we need to go back to our centre and become a community of not only expressers but teachers. I put this challenge together because I want to breakdown inversions to what they really are core builders. I want beginners, intermediate and advanced to have steps to achieve their dreams. Stairs if you will, to their castles of dreams built in the sky.
I hope you will join! 💞🙏
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Day 1: Bodyweight core movements
Day 2: Wall work
Day 3: Stretching by using your core strength
Day 4: Core Block Work
Day 5: Hip Flexor Fire
Day 6: Back body builders
Day 7: Press work

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