I am a woman
I am a girl
I am a mom
I am a daughter
I am a tattoo lover
I am a motorbike lover
I am a fitness lover
I am a teddy bear lover
I am a world citizen
I am a magic believer
I am a truck lover
I am a yoga lover
I am a cartoon lover
I am a believer
I am a traveller
I am my kind of beautiful
I am a crazy Aussie hippie chic

I am me But above all that; I am whoever I want to be
Don’t label your self short. Don’t limit your challenges Challenge your limits.

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2 Replies to “Labels”

  1. I just love watching you on Instagram ,you are such a lovely inspiring soul that proves that patients and preserverance anything is possible, I’m cyclist and some of what you I indeed try ,I look for stretching and strength your the best continued success your friend casiano_107

    1. Thank you so much for your comment and kind words. They mean a lot. Impossible does stand for Im possible people are doing it every day it is so inspiring. I wish you every success and fun on the bike cycling is an amazing sport.

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