Mental health awareness

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I am hosting an upcoming challenge to raise awareness on the importance of mental health and suicide prevention ❤️❤️❤️#healthybodieshappyminds with these incredible humans @supermomtraci @susanbishopyoga❤️❤️❤️
November 12-21
October 10 was World Mental Health Day
It’s been two years since I tried to say goodbye. And with that I am now able to look back on how much I have changed as a person just this past two years.
As this year quickly comes to an end, I now understand how fast things can change. I now realise that we must be thankful for our life. I find myself finally strong enough in myself to share one of the things I thought while I was so dark. And as scary as this is for me, I want to share my pain with you in the hope that it will possibly give someone hope and strength. I know that there are so many suffering. So, to anyone who might be struggling with suicidal thoughts or actions. Or just someone who is simply looking for hope. Here is my poem to you. To everyone who fights an invisible battle everyday. Here is to all you fighters…

When you see death,
You begin to see a friend.
You are consumed by it.
Fantasizing about it, as if it’s the only way you will find peace.
I know because I have seen death as my hope.
I know this because I have danced with my darkness and my hell,
It consumed me like a toxic lover poising all hope.
I made my only sanctuary in life, death as hope for the hell in my head.
Because I truly believed that there was no hope or light to see again.
It wasn’t until the light slipped through a crack
The darkness was dimmed
That for the first time in 2 years,
I finally saw hope and light again…
If you are dancing with the devil thoughts of death,
The battle will be hellish and numbing to hope,
Where the darkness is so dark you can not see.
Let me remind you there is always light to be.
There is always hope.
Life, miracles & goodness is meant for you.
But I must ask you one thing that you keep being a warrior.
That you keep soldiering on for the light.
Remember you are not your thoughts
It is your destiny to be a living light.
It is you destiny to be a beacon of light and peace.
If you would only keep fighting

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  1. your poem is beautiful, I did not know that you had suffered so much and that you had almost lost your life. your heart is filled with light now and you inundate me with your warmth. you are so beautiful outside and inside and I like to follow you every day. I’m Spagyre on IG. Spagyre comes from spagyrics, it is an alchemical process that is the source of the transformation of plants and of matter, and of drawing the quintessence from it. it is also, philosophically, the self-training to become better. My name is Yves.
    take good care of yourself, you are a queen for me.

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