More Love less Judgment

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Wearing leggings
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#noedit #nofilter
This is me in two videos doing the same yoga just now.
Who I am inside doesn’t change only items of clothing and potentially peoples taught perceptions…. To judge someone for the way they are externally is just pure and utter craziness.
Im scared as hell to put myself out here in the world to be judged by others. But I am more scared not to try and make a difference… I am tired of seeing people hurt from others judgment. I don’t want my daughter to feel the pain, nor another single soul. I have seen posts from @joe_lizzzzzz_yoga @tattooedyogimama @jadealectra @yogi_eric @skywalkeriam bring light to this and or read they have been hurt by others.
If we judge people for living then I recommend that we take a long good look at our life because if we are taking that time out of our life to criticize other people for being someone that they want to be then we need to fix ourselves. Fix our mind set. Fix the way we see the world because who ever taught us that being ourselves is wrong did not teach us right. I will not judge you for wanting to be a different gender. I will not judge you for your beliefs and religions. I will not judge you for the clothes you wear or the music you listen too. I am so sick of us all judging another and being automatically labeled for who we are. It is enough we all have suffered enough.
Please listen, Labels only distorted our vision,
Which is why for half of those watching this will dismiss it or feel resistance and conflicted,
But, just remember, so did the caterpillar before it broke the shell and became the magnificent butterfly,
Well these labels are our shells and we must do the same thing so we can finally spread our wings,
And stop living and thinking so small,
Will we be free to see ourselves and each other for who we truly are.
More love less judgment.

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