No perfect only now

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Be the one to pat yourself on the back. Be the one to give yourself a break and have a good laugh. Be the one to shelter your heart from people that cant see you. Be the one to celebrate your own unique path. Be the one to shower your unique body with appreciation, good food and wholesome attention. Be the one to set your silly free. Let your hair down, no longer fearing mistakes. Get out into your life everything in your heart, no matter what it takes. Be the one to take yourself out on a date. Be the one to make yourself feel safe. Be the one that is there for you when everyone else is asleep. Be the one to love your heart even when you feel all over the place. Be the one to take the censors off your limits. Be the one to do for you something nice. Be the one to whisper in your ear it was never really your fault. Be the one you can count on all the time. Be the one that tends to your soul. Be the one to realise you deserve more. Be the one to set your freedom alight. Your passion free so you can be that bird in the sky that cannot help but soar.

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