It is a word that everybody knows. It is something that in some way we are all striving for. And it is something that challenges everyone to the core. Because perfection in societies definition is unattainable in looks. It is computerized. In every day life it does not exist because behind the doors of others what we don’t see are their challenges that they see. Perfection to me is not looks, it is not a way to live a life that society has made ideal in this moment. My body, my life today will be different in 10 years but it will still have perfection when I look at it in this way….Perfection to me is really seeing the beauty in what is and we are, finding gratitude in what we have and are and bringing compassion and love in all we do and are. Perfection is like change, a constant in life that is always with us but never looks the same on anyone, thing or moment.

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