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There are two reasons why you are here: One you want to know if spending the money on Ashley’s programs will be well worth it, or are they just more training programs that do not walk the talk. Secondly you want to know, which trainer is best suited to you. In the reviews below I will share with you my thoughts on each program.

Ashley Horner (Ashley Cline) is a sponsored athletic, WBFF Pro, Fitness model, and mother of three. She has conquered many challenges such as an abusive relationship, weight issues and challenges from pregnancy. She has not only conquered these challenges but also risen above them and become a role model for many people; showing what determination, belief and hard work can achieve even if all odds are against you.

Her hard work and strength has not only gone into her life but now she has also shined her light so others can see the way by creating programs and tools for others to shine their own light.

I own eight of her programs: Becoming Extraordinary, Achieving Prominence, Magnify You, and Pipehitter 1 and 2, Momentum, The Pinnacle and Sweet Cakes.

Now with out further ado let me introduce you to her trainers so you can see for yourself how awesome they are, just like the creator Ashley. Ashley does not just live the health and fitness life she also helps others do the same by sharing her training and creating these training programs. These programs won’t just change your health and fitness for the better, they will also change your whole life for the better.


To purchase any of these amazing programs CLICK HERE: Ashley Horner Fitness

Make Your Mark

Make Your Mark, a track trainer designed to increase your speed and endurance, while shaping your physique to give you that lean muscular athletic look. You can also incorporate some weights or cross training into this program being only 3x per week. It requires no equipment, just access to a facility that allows you to run and perform plyo exercises. There are also alternatives if you do not have stairs for the plyo exercises.

Mettle is a 6 week upper body supplemental training program that is perfect for all levels of fitness.

Dumbbell Club
The Dumbbell Club is a 12 week program- The inspiration behind this 12 week trainer is the simplicity needed with my incredibly hectic schedule and traveling constantly. I found myself needing a program with equipment that I could have at home, that didn’t take up a lot of space or that I knew would be accessible when I’m on the go in hotel gyms.
The Dumbbell Club requires 2 sets of dumbbells ; heavy and light, and a bench. Along with this training program you will also get a week of meal planning and the ideology behind ‘no food should ever be off limits’.

Kallos Sthenos
Kallos Sthenos is a six-week bodyweight calisthenics training program. Workouts are five days a week, and you can do them inside a hotel room, at your house or even at the gym.

Sweet Cakes
This 6 week supplemental trainer will build you an awesome lower half. If you’re looking to get that round perky booty then look no more. #SweetCakes is probably one of Ashleys most fun trainers to do with the added benefit of your best behind you have ever seen.

Sweet Cakes is recommended to do 3x a week in conjunction with another Becoming Extraordinary trainer. The workouts last anywhere from 15-20 minutes. Gym ideal but you get by doing this trainer at home with some dumbbells, barbell, and bench with exercise substitutions.

Earth Below Me
Earth Below Me is a six month trainer made to transform an intermediate runner into an expert. You will focus on strength training, explosive exercises, and running to gradually build-up your distance. You will end with the knowledge and confidence to conquer the gnarliest trail or road course.

Monolith is a high intensity leg trainer to build and sculpt the perfect legs that you’ve wanted. In my experience you must train your lower body in both volume and power. I’ve taken the exact blue prints on how I train my legs- and I’ve made it available for all of you. With this trainer not only will you see an increase in your strength and power physically, but visually you will notice cuts and definition like you’ve never seen before.

Losing the bump
Motherhood is a beautiful thing. We’re all figuring it out along the way. Take care of yourself first and foremost, even if you start with 30 minutes a day. Be selfish with that time. If you miss a day: so-be-it. Tomorrow is another day. So learn to live in harmony with life. And most importantly learn to love yourself. There is no such thing as perfect. – Ashley Horner

Creating a Miracle – Pregnancy Trainer
This is a pregnancy trainer for those looking to remain healthy and fit while pregnant. This helps to maintain your health and wellbeing not only for the miracle within but also for ourselves during this challenging and beautiful time and for the future. The most important thing is to have clearance from your doctor and do as much as you feel is safe and comfortable. Some will be able to workout until full term and others may need variations…it is most important listen to our body.

Working out during pregnancy has so many benefits including but not limited to mental health and wellbeing, better sleep, easier labor, more energy and endurance etc.

If you’re pregnant or trying to become pregnant, this trainer is for you. This program is 34 weeks long but does not come with a meal plan because weightloss isn’t the goal. This trainer is made to be done in the gym but can be altered to fit a home gym.

Becoming Extraordinary

BE is the most amazing trainer for beginners to gym bunnies, men and women. It teachers you how to lift weights, utilise circuits and get the amazing benefits too, not just from a physique point of view but a sound body strengthened equally, lessening the chance of injury.

Cardio is limited, with more emphasis on weight training so you can gain a strong lean body. This is a 12 week program that includes a meal plan and shopping list.

Achieving Prominence
Achieving Prominence is for the elite individual, experienced athlete or gym goer. It is 100 days of max out effort pushing you to your limits and beyond your comfort zone but the results mentally and physically are well worth it. Believe and Achieve an dreams will come true.


This program is a great example of Ashley’s training. It utilises Crossfit WODS and style training with strength training movements. It allows you to increase you cardiovascular fitness while helping you to build strength and muscle you never dreamed possible.

This program covers all areas of fitness and will push you to fitness levels you have never been to before.

Pipehitter 2

I loved the original Pipehitter program. If you enjoyed the first Pipehitter, this one will not disappoint. Its workouts are guaranteed to take your fitness to the next level. It is filled with CrossFit-inspired workouts, lifts, and challenges your cardiovascular system to the max. This is a great change to the conventional weight lifting programs but still allows for max results. Try it you won’t be disappointed.

Recreating You
Home programs…not as easy as one thinks or at least this one isn’t. You will get results all while sweating in the comfort of your own home and learning all the basics you need in case you want to progress into the gym with more confidence.

Magnify You
Magnify You a great next step from BE or training program for anyone looking to really kick their ass. This will challenge you even further to help you build a solid foundation that any time a challenge is tossed at you, you will lay it down as a brick to make your foundations even stronger. ….Don’t think for a second that your house will withstand the storm that you are about to bring with this training program if you don’t pay attention to the interior. Nutrition, Supplementation and Training all are key factors in building your house’. – Ashley Cline

Becoming Extraordinary in the Kitchen
Becoming Extraordinary in the Kitchen is a meal plan with loads of brilliant ideas for healthy eating that does not cause a sensitive gut to react or bore your taste buds. BE in the Kitchen is gluten, dairy, and soy free it consists of whole foods and a well-rounded taste profile. It is also not boring. BE in the Kitchen is a perfect clean eating plan for anyone with a sensitive gut or who is looking to clean up their diet while still enjoying delicious and satisfying flavors or anyone wish to eat clean.

Breaking Grounds
We’ve been waiting for it – another at home trainer and it’s finally here. Breaking Grounds is a cut above from its so called original Recreating You. It will shred your body into its best shape without you having to leave the comforts of your own home. This will make you realise fitness can be done anywhere no excuses. Learn how to make your own sandbag, push sled, etc and prepare from some HARD workouts. This is perfect for people who’ve completed Recreating You or any other Ashley program…Not ideal for beginners.

Crux – The Core Trainer
Like most of us abs seem to be that illusive target in training that no matter how hard we try, we cannot figure or seem to achieve it. Well if Ashley Horner abs aren’t anything to go by, rock solid and after 3 kids, I don’t know what else is. You really couldn’t have a more solid recommendation then one from the creator herself.

This trainer won’t only appeal to you because of its aesthetic reasons, but it will also help you with your lifts and movements. It focuses on the foundations, where all dreams are made of. With a steady foundation any goal can be built. This core trainer is perfectly combined with other trainers in her becoming extra ordinary series.

Momentum – This is the trainer for busy lives
This trainer consists of eight weeks of short (45 minutes or fewer), High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) routines that will have you dripping sweat and taking your fitness to the next heart- pumping level! In these workouts, push to your MAX! By constantly pushing your momentum and giving it your all in such a short amount of time, not only will you begin to feel more energized throughout your day, but your overall momentum will also increase in the two months that you work through this trainer. These short, intense workouts are an excellent aid in boosting your metabolism with fat-burning results. They are also perfect for those who don’t have a lot of time or would like something new to incorporate into their daily training. For these workouts, you need minimal equipment, which allows you the convenience of being able to do them almost anywhere: at home, the gym, the park, or while traveling.

Hybrid – My body is a machine. It was made to move vigorously, efficiently, and gracefully. It was made to be flexible, movable, fast, and strong. I am blended.
I am a hybrid.
The Hybrid trainer is a program that will encompass all styles of training from big staple lifts to isolation exercises, balance, mobility, and speed–we are going to work on them all. This program will keep your body guessing, wondering what’s going to happen next.

The Pinnacle
When we get to the highest point we think we can reach we keep pushing beyond it onto the next. This trainer is called Pinnacle because of that mental goal we should always be chasing. You’ll get to a point where you look back and smile at how far you’ve com, and how what used to be so scary and painful is now easy. – Ashley Horner
This 14 week trainer is unlike any other. The Pinnacle has you testing your limits and pushing your boundaries through HIIT exercises, bodyweight moves, weight lifting, and yoga. Reach your goals and accomplish exactly what you set out to do.

The Monolith
Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 18.21.26
Monolith is a high intensity leg trainer to build and sculpt the perfect legs that you’ve wanted. In my experience you must train your lower body in both volume and power. I’ve taken the exact blue prints on how I train my legs- and I’ve made it available for all of you. With this trainer not only will you see an increase in your strength and power physically, but visually you will notice cuts and definition like you’ve never seen before.

When you purchase one of these programs, you get access you her private Facebook group, which I’m apart of, so you can connect with others who are currently doing the programs or have already finished.

If you don’t want to break the bank, there are a variety of free fitness programs on and YouTube — but if you’re ready to invest in yourself and commit to something with the help of other #ashletes through the Facebook support group, then what are you waiting for?

If you’re ready to regain your fitness, click below to purchase a program. All programs are $100.

To Purchase any of the above CLICK HERE: Ashley Horner Fitness

Note: Once you have already purchased a trainer you will then receive on any further trainer 40% off the original price $100 making it only $60. You simply transfer Ashley through Paypal $60 and advise which trainer you would like via email.

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    1. I can recommend all programs of ashley. If you are looking for short time spans. Momentum is great. Otherwise cutting up loved Pipehitter programs and becoming extraordinary.

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