Self Love Body Love Love

We Will Take Care of Ourselves and Each Other. The work to undo what we have learned about ourselves and others will be challenging, but we are not martyrs. It is the radical choice to be in the driver’s seat of our own lives, and the acknowledgment that we deserve to explore ourselves and our potential. It’s the powerful recognition that we all deserve our own time, care, and attention.

Stand proud in your body like your mother gave it to you, because she did. Raise your head high and look directly in the eyes of anyone who stands in your way. We are not decoration. We will not be prey. We will not be ashamed. We will define ourselves, and give one another cushy room to do the same. Your actions give permission to others, and your strength creates more strength. We can change everything, but first we have to change our minds about ourselves and each other. We need to let go of the ways we are asked to be small before we can realize we are called to be great.

It’s time for us to lead together and I don’t trust anyone but us to change the limiting confines of what society has allowed us to be thus far.

We can do all of this.

I have to believe this is possible because my baby is watching and our children will inherit what we choose to do now.

It’s a way of doing. It’s a way of being. It’s the rules, but most importantly, it’s the way we rule. Together.
We are the generation of women and men who will embody just that.

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