Splits and Life

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I know I’ll never be able to do everything. I know not everyone will like who we are or what we stand for. I know that life isn’t easy. I know that bad things happen to good people. But I also know I can do my best. I know that I can help those and love those that want to be loved. I know I can do many things that are worth celebrating. Nobody’s perfect. I may not be the most perfect, beautiful, intelligent, sexiest, accomplished, or girl with the perfect body, but I don’t pretend to be something I’m not. I’m good at being me and took me along time to realize that’s all I can be. I might not be proud of some things I have done in my past. I am still learning and growing, making mistakes, and redefining and changing daily but I’m proud of who I am today. Remind yourself it is ok not to be perfect.

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