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People ask how do I get strong abs, shoulders, butt, glutes. Etc… See not one part of my body is not working. It isn’t spot exercises it is every exercise done with control, correct technique and and consistency. My body in every movement actively or inactively uses my full body.
I work often like a swimmer or gymnasts in less clothes A because I train at home saves me a lot of washing and b because it allows me to understand my body movements without restrictions of clothes connecting my mind muscle connection.
5 Fitness Myths
1. You need to do a lot of cardio to lose weight and get in shape
2. More is better
3. Lifting weights makes women bulky
4. You can get in shape with quick programs like 7-minute abs
5. Short-term commitment programs. You have to commit for life.

5 Fitness Things You Should do
1. Move everyday
2. Walk faster and quit walking slow to everything. Park far away and take the stairs.
3. Buy a kettlebell and jump rope for home. It is hard to make it to the gym sometimes, so you need a backup plan
4. Address your pain and movement issues. If you are running, lifting, or whatever, and are having pain, you will have a tough time reaching your goals.
5. Do what you enjoy

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