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I will apologize for my mistakes. Apologize when I hurt people, EVEN when it’s not intentional. I am apologising right now because I want to comment on more posts. I want to thank more people individually for their awesomeness but I have run out of time to be everything I want to be to everyone this week has been hard, unexpected challenges, my daughter on holiday who is my priority, she is my future my everything and me still trying to find my health after three weeks of battling a throat infection finally on the up. I want to be human and say I know I am not giving you all the love and gratitude you deserve individually but thank you deeply because I feel each and everyone of you and I am so blessed. Yes, I talk too much, get too excited and love too deeply. I am wild and unpredictable. I am passionate and occasionally a bit chaotic. But that’s me and it’s what makes me unique and beautiful. If those things aren’t a good fit for someone else, it’s okay. But I will not be shamed into apologizing for being me and I want you to not apologise or be shamed for being you and doing your best. This is me, this is you. Let us take each other as we are, the good and the bad. Please know we are doing our bests.

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  1. Thank you for your message because it reflects everything I love in you, you are true and you do not cheat. what counts for me is to give you all my support, to see you daily and to nourish myself with the richness of your heart and the love you give to the beauty of your body and your gestures.
    With all my love

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