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So, mom, dad, guardian reading these words, I just want you to know that I get the giving. I get that there’s not much sitting. I get the crying and the toddlers and the hard days and the good days and the changes and the school and the relationships and I understand. I want you to stop for a moment and remember this.
I have so much respect for you all and parents to be. You SHOW UP!
And they love you.
They just don’t know how much you show up but yet yet you’re their mom or dad or guardian.
Their career.
The one they want in the middle of the night. The one they text when they’re at college. The one who makes them follow the rules and yet the rules are good. The one in the carpool line. The one teaching how to tie shoes. The one showing up.
Every single day.
Even on the days when you want to throw in the towel.
You show up.
And, well, then, that makes you awesome.

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