Zoom Zoom Workout 37

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muscles are as critical as your hip flexors. As part of your core, which is made up of your hips, glutes, abs and lower back, these tiny muscles in your abdomen and upper thighs are responsible for lifting your legs and helping stabilize your spine. Weak or imbalanced hip flexors cause a variety of health problems ranging from back pain to knee problems and lower-body athletic injuries. That’s why it’s so important to develop their strength with core training — to keep you out of pain and able to maintain a full, active life.

One of the things I found hard to understand was the requirement of strength and flexibility of hip flexors in unison and also the core and hip flexors working together. This workout will teach you how to understand this core and hip flexors unison as well as the benefit of strength and flexibility of hip flexors. There will be beginner to advanced options provided.

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Zoom Zoom workout 37 – Breakdown
1 – 5 rounds

Tag a friend and have fun

10 x Headstand Pull ins

10 x Lsit Leg lifts Alternating

10 x L & R pistol squat Leg lifts

10 x Crow foot taps

6 x Core Compression combo

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