Advanced Bodyweight Workout to Raise Money for Eleanors Fight Against Cancer

Truth is it doesn’t get easier you get stronger. Truth is mental illness, cancer, sickness, death and problems etc doesn’t leave out anyone; because of their success, money, culture, education or looks.Truth is you get stronger it’s still sucks sometimes. However, truth is my heart fucking aches (you can’t see that right now) for what Eleanor is going through. My friends daughter is fighting for her life and only three years old, can’t tell me life is about fairness. Now she has 11 weeks left to raise $170,000 so her daughter can fight this disease #fuckcancer
Truth is this is also yoga, this is also health and this is also love working to help each other. And the painful truth for me is I wish I could do more. But the beautiful thing I see is love in the world and on social media without it @happyhumanslifeandfitness on Instagram wouldnt have raised already $130,000 in a few days thanks to all who donated and shared on and off line so remember to look at this beauty in the world and what it can do here’s and example and you are all that beauty. This workout is easy compared what they are going through. They inspired me today. The truth is we just gotta all do our part. Focus on what we can do instead of can’t.
For me I’m donating all my earnings from Vimeo next 12 weeks to them. For anyone who donates please send me a dm here of your go fund me receipt and I’ll sent you a fitness or yoga program of choice to pay it forward for your love. For anyone who doesn’t have a credit card and can’t donate by go fund me please share this so she can raise money for her daughter to fight Eleanor.
The truth is everything counts but you gotta stop talking about it and do it. A share makes a difference, a dollar makes a difference, we can all do something. Donate here
One love, one heart . . .
Let’s get together and feel all right
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