Baby Fire Fly Tittibasana Tutorial

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One child and over 30 anyones dreams can come true

#showyouryogatittis !! Kicking it off with “itti bitty titty😂” #babyfirefly ….show us what you’ve got!! Here’s a tutorial to help you get flying. Yoga to me and the information I know is not owned we all learnt it from somewhere. The idea of yoga is to raise the union not just of our mind, body and soul but the human collective too. So it’s important to me as I grow others do too so without further ado let’s learn the ittsy bittsy baby Fire 🔥 fly and light the world on fire with your awesomeness wearing @lotusandposes Bra
Check in with my fabulous cohosts for more options! Have fun🎉🎊 Practice #tittibhasana variations for 7 days with us!! .

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