Beauty and life

Some times in our ways of change we find our true direction.
Beauty via visual is not impressive but beauty by growth, design and one that has the ability to inspire others, make them think and feel, ability to stimulate the mind and stir thoughts, well that is the real stuff beauty is made of. The world is not a competition you fail another wins. Another persons success does not mean another person fails. Another persons beauty does not decrease anyone else’s beauty. Another persons love does not mean you are unloved. Another persons joy does not shadow anyone else’s. What if we were not fearing each others differences and the way others were different from us. What if we started to see all our bodies ever really wanted was to feel connected but instead through fear acted on our untruths in society of being separate, not enough, odd one, not worthy, different….What if we embraced our individuality knowing that we are all just energy from one and the same universe and we were not that different at all. What if we saw souls instead of bodies, what would beauty mean. The irony of it all is the greatest beauty, love, compassion and acceptance we are seeking but hide in shame and judgement upon others, resides nowhere else but within our own unbridled honesty. We should start digging deep into the darkness of ourselves first and evaluate our choices not in light of how other people will perceive us and them but how in line within our deepest, turest self they are.

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