Being human is just being and accepting

I just want you to all know I am human just like you all. In fact people ask me how many followers I have, I don’t even know (now I just looked). I have just got a book deal I will be writing a book next year and excited and nervous. Cannot believe grammar challenged me is going to be published. Watch out grammar police big year next year. People ask for my social media accounts and I am often too shy to give them my details because I do not like shouting myself out or being misjudged. I am a random mix of paradoxes that do not even make sense to me and completely imperfect. I try so much to be real even explain myself here and offline because I feel the misjudgment, I feel the confusion of trying to understand another person. But I also know that nobody will fully understand another. I am a yoga teacher and personal trainer yes. But I am also a woman with a sensual side. I am mom with a big mother bear protective manner and also frustrated as hell how my daughter makes me sound like a cracked record. I hurt when bad comments come here. I hurt when people misjudge me. I am not going to tell you that you just ignore what others think because we all at some level care and it is a great practice to return love when hated upon or insight in what needs healing. What I am working on is not letting their judgement be my thoughts or become me. I am imperfect, I have fucked up so much. I mumble. I stumble, I have made decisions I wish I could change and I also pick up the wrong things at the supermarket and put my t-shirt on back to front. I really have no idea what I am doing or how I got to where I am today. I just know I am living the best I can in every moment and striving to be better and more kind and loving to me and others. My best advice I can give you is to move forward with love. Love will be the life changer for habits, health and happiness and all your challenges. So from one fucked imperfect tassie devil to you all I love and am grateful for your support

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