Being Real Baring It All

Yesterday I met incredible @tas_models_co we randomly did a shoot a 5am on seven mile beach a place @eleanorsfight and I played swam as kids. The shoot was my fav style rolling in the sand no edits. I remember in my @blissology teacher training in Bali I often ate sand in my spare time as I did yoga at the sea connecting to me. It’s my place to just move with the earth and water and let go of all the masks that I feel life wants me to wear.
As my book is about to be launched Jan 14 and I’m back home where my life began I want to share a bit for pre order extract from my book…. I first started blogging when I had postnatal depression, both because I felt a need to express myself and I didn’t want anyone else to feel lonely and unhappy as I did. My hope was that when people would see other people, like myself, baring their all with such honesty and vulnerability, that it might make it easier for them to reach out for help and support too. But sharing ourselves and our stories can be hard. It feels uncomfortable and extremely vulnerable to lay bare our innermost selves in public way as we are programmed to worry about what others may think and whether or not they will still love and accept us once they know what we perceive to be our vulnerabilities and weaknesses. “Will they still think I’m smart? Beautiful? Funny? A good person? A good mum? “ (and the list goes on.) The potential reward however is that by offering support and drawing on support of others, so we can harness the collective energy of our peers to help us feel less alone and therefore less vulnerable because let’s face it it can be rough out there at times and we are all in this together.

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