Being your own reason why

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I am 33 years old. I have had one child. Her name is Laine. She is 4.5. Before I had my daughter and before I was 31 I could not handstand or do most of what I can do now. This is a self portrait, unedited and no filter photo taken today. I am honored to be 33. Because for the first time in my life I feel alive, happy and loved. It isn’t age that is our restriction of what we can do. It isn’t having children that gives us limitations, it actually makes us better. It is our own minds that are our prisons. Everyone thinks of changing the world but no one thinks of changing themselves. 2 years ago I wanted to say good bye to this world, today i feel so blessed to be here. My life hasn’t really changed i still struggle financially and have no idea what I am doing from one day to the next. But 2 years later I have gone from being my own worst enemy to my own best friend. We have such high levels of automation and we still wonder why we are suffering. We walk around in our robotic states and we don’t understand why we don’t feel the passion, gratitude and bliss we have always desired. Your brain is the most powerful piece of machinery here on earth. It can be your greatest helper or your greatest enemy. Whether it is the first or the latter depends on the meanings you have created and are creating at any given point in time. Most people are running completely outdated and negative beliefs on a machine that was built to innovate, create and explore. It is time to realize that as long as you are living a fairy tale, you might as well be the king or queen who lives happily ever after instead of the peasant who is always suffering. Today I realize that the question is not whether we are caught in the mind-made prison. The real question is to what degree are we prisoners of our own minds? We are all living in an illusion and mistaking it for reality. You can skip all of the energy-draining activities you are currently doing in order to feel worthy and just know that you are worthy because you truly are.

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