Brave, Beautiful and Baring it All Review

This post means everything from one human to another thank you as a girl who has been scared to share her story to a girl who did your support means everything.

Thank you • @fortheloveoflife_yoga Dear friend Rhyanna Watson, whom I know and do not know, thank you for writing your book Brave, Beautiful AND BARING IT ALL. Thank you for inspiring me on my journey. Thank you for showing me what bravery looks like & thank you for always being so kind. You’ve impacted many lives, even without being first woman prime minister of Australia. @openheartscanunite 🖤

Dear friend
This is a letter to all you beautiful souls. The you who has had a rough moment, day, week, year or life. The you who seems to be living under a constant cloud. The you who feels invisible and who gets trodden on. The you who has lost their faith. The you that always blames yourself for everything that could possibly go wrong.
To dear beautiful amazing you, you are awesome. I just want to say I see you all that you are. Please know that your energy, stamina, endurance, dedication, commitment, sense of purpose and above all, sacrifice, does not go unnoticed. We are in the wings watching you, applauding you, rooting for you, everyone who knows you and loves you.
I am proud of you. If I was doing your life I wouldn’t know how to do it as marvellously as you. You make this world more beautiful. You have so much more potential and so much left to do.
You have time and better things are coming your way, so hang in there. Make the rest of your life the best of your life. You can do it!
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