Humility is for all no exceptions

Please know I see us as humans not battle of the sexes, races, cultures, religions etc
Women and men: we are so not off the hook just because a man or woman stepped up to take responsibility for his or her behavior.
We have our own accountability to take, our own part to claim in shitty dynamics, the ways WE contributed.
And WE need to all step up and work together.
I’m not talking about sexual situations only. I’m talking about all of it.
We have all done things that we are not proud of and acted in ways that now looking back realised could have been better behaviours. Many have been affected by our own individual unhealed and unintegrated traumas and lack of awareness/know-how/willingness. Healing and trauma is no excuse to unintentionally or intentionally getaway with behaviour that was inappropriate or hurtful. Our trauma and responsibility to choose to heal is a gateway to a fulfilling life but we must accept it and own it first.
To forgive is a gift you give yourself. I’m quite certain that THIS is what made the difference for me in how i show up today & in how I’m able to still have a soft heart. But also to own my own faults help me make better choices more loving in the future.
Humility is for EVERYONE. Reflection and self-awareness and honesty is for everyone. All Humans, no exception. If we want people to be accountable we have to be accountable too. If we want to be treated equal or with respect we need to act as equal. So please go over your past and see where you can be accountable, learn or apologise, make amends and forgive yourself and others. To be the change we wish to see in the world we must also do our part to make it happen.

Untruths and food for thought

It is the untruths that often cause us wars, labels & hatred amongst the world & lives that are more difficult for no truthful reason. Like the Black civil rights movement in 1964 giving another set of humans more equality & the only reason they did not have equality was just because the the color of their skin. The sex of a human meaning less opportunity. Between 1918 vs 2018 things women were prevented from doing by law a century ago: Applying for credit, working in the legal & civil service, inheriting & bequeathing property, claiming equal pay, prosecuting a spouse for rape, being in the olympics, voting & running a marathon. Now life has given some justice but only through a violent and hateful history. Today we have other untruths as well, seemingly small but from little things bit things grow. What I want to see is humans are treated as humans as we all have a heart, blood, breathe & walk this earth, we are all one race the human race. Yesterday for social media I saw wonderful news on Instagram @bumpbirthandbeyond said it’s official IG & FB have officially amended their censorship policies to allow uncensored childbirth related images. This is amazing but may I ask what is the difference between women with nipples that aren’t attached to birth? The logic is confusing that art is not allowed nipples and even if it is on the same womans body, unless it is attached to birth it is inappropriate? I am wondering how we can justify these untruths… Nipples create lives but society has twisted the truth so beautifully we think we damaged lives by showing them; when really they are built to create and build lives. Society has made sex such a big part of the body that people do not realise that sex and bodies do not coexist they can actually be separate too. At some point we need to realise that societies truths aren’t all making sense….we need to open the thoughts to new possibilities and not by creating wars like before and hating, judging or condemning others but instead gently giving new understandings to the untruths, by sharing with respect, compassion, love and kindness to the world other ways to think.