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Some one asked me what I want to change about myself in my stories. Great question. I want to change my ability to never fall back into hopelessness by continuing to grow my love, compassion, kindness and faith. To do this I will continue to work with my thoughts and actions that dont add up. I will continue to work on cheering on all humans even the ones that make me feel uncomfortable. I will continue to work on never judging another in the times I let my truth be the story giver instead of theirs. I will continue to work on my conditioning and my untruths. I will continue to rid myself of justifications for my conditioning and societies relentless justifications by why they can treat another this way by denial, shame and judgment.
I use to feel hopeless but now I know love operates always within me at the core of my being. So beyond all the hate and fear we throw at each other and inside ourselves. I will continue to work on not being hopeless and have faith and me walk side by side even when I cant see her. I do not know if I will ever transcend fully but I know without a doubt I will try and become accountable for me every step of my journey. I will steer myself towards the light or let the light fall into the cracks of darkness even when I am scared. It is a lifetime process of facing ourselves and committing to unraveling our conditioning to become our truth…Why is this my journey? Because beyond our learned responses and trained conditioning is where we have a chance to be free in our truth. I no longer want to feel terrified I want to feel empowered by planting seeds of hope and faith for better tomorrows.

Struggling in the darkness to find my light

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I don’t have a challenge for another week. I am heading away Sunday for an adventure on Laines last week of school holidays. I am not online as much but always thinking of you all. It reminded me how that even though we don’t see things they are still occurring. With mental health awareness day yesterday I am posting today because it’s often a day too late. We are all so blinded by the externals we don’t see the hurting hearts and struggling souls behind these posts. We don’t see the anxiety attacks, the fights, suicide attempts, the challenges, the abuse, the depression, the pain and suffering we cause by our hateful words we say here & in life. We miss soo much that changes lives… I hope today you’ll all close your eyes and see with your heart. Reach out to those you love tell them you love them. Be a little kinder here online to those you want to judge. Just because they look happy are they? Just cause they have a beautiful body does it mean life is better? They don’t have insecurities? They haven’t been told they aren’t worthy? Just because they are naked, does it mean they are a bad person? Porn? Or self confident? Just because they look like they have the perfect family, relationship, have it all together, rich, happy are they? Just because you view the world this way does it mean it’s the only way? Mental Health Awareness for me is every day. After committing suicide and failing. It made me see the world very differently because no one saw me and some still don’t see me, no one saw my pain, no one even new it happened and when I told them they ask if I was kidding? This is how blinded we are to seeing peoples pain and suffering. We see the masks, the numbers, the clothes or no clothes, the smiles, the photos and videos but we do not see the soul and pain. There are wounds that never show on the body that are deeper and more hurtful than anything that bleeds and visibly breaks. So many hide their scars with I’m fine and see the world in black and white instead of vibrant colors. So let’s show people between frustration and depression is our love and hands to help each other up again.

Nuedisnormal yoga is yoga

@nude_yogagirl has been a big inspiration to so many. She has educated the world on views of nudity and helped many people find their way back home to themselves and a reconnection to their bodies and to see art and not an agenda in nudity. I fell in love with @nude_yogagirl in 2015. She changed my life. I know the shame of telling people I tried to commit suicide. I know the pain of losing a child and nobody understanding and many of us unable to connect as we have no voice for pain or shame. When I first became a mother, I had lost an unborn child a year earlier. It was heart-breaking and also confusing. I know the darkness and loneliness of feeling that nobody was there for me, not even myself at first. But it was this state of utter darkness that set me on the path to light – leading me to yoga. I found through my own healing journey and inspirational lights like @nude_yogagirl who gave me courage to share me. Self-love is the understanding that thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be decreased either in quality or in brightness. Love never decreases by being shared. Yoga teaches us to observe without judgement or expectation by grounding ourselves in the moment. It’s something I’ve been working on for a while! It’s helped me to go from constantly comparing myself with others, and getting caught up in my own and society’s expectations, to finding a place where I don’t need anything else to change – I just need to be. This means I’m not distracted by elusive results or unrealistic expectations, labels of society, but instead free to enjoy the unfolding of the present. To be free is to simply be – no judgement, no expectation, no attachment. Just the beauty of being. You see we are each other I am whatever label someone gives me and I am whatever label I give me. I am also a part of life, I am a part of this world and I am a part of you. Whatever you see in me, or I see in you, is a reflection of our own individual consciousness. Naked women are not porn only porn that is just simply a label because humans feel uncomfortable with the unknown so we like to box each other. However our true nature is freedom what @nude_yogagirl is teaching it is about being fully devoted to your soul and madly living its desires with love, kindness and compassion – if only for a moment. It’s about leaning into not knowing. It’s about letting the joy back in. Sensuality is a heightened sense of physical awareness that can connect us to the primal nature of being. As the natural expression and experience of passion, sensuality links with our memory and activates those associations we have made around feelings of lust and sex. Although they are intimately linked, sex and sensuality are not one and the same. Sexuality can exist without sensuality, but then it is simply based on the physiological responses of the human body. While this can still be experienced as a pleasure, it is a more animalistic urge. This attitude is prevalent in, for example, the porn industry. When sexuality ends up being divorced from sensuality in this way, it’s no wonder so many of us end up feeling uncomfortable about, and ashamed of, our sexual instincts. Sensuality is a way of being. Whenever I move with sensuality, I re-build a connection to my soul and the core of who I am, through my body. Moving in this way helps me recognize and undo all the conditioning that threatens to box me in. To be someone who is comfortable in their own body is one of the greatest experiences I’ll ever know. Society has sexualised the human body to a confusing extent. For instance, in recent years, some social media platforms have at last officially amended their censorship policies to allow uncensored childbirth-related images. This is amazing news – but it still begs the question of what’s wrong with showing women with exposed nipples in other situations? Nipples create lives, but society has twisted the truth so beautifully that we think we damage lives by showing them! Our conditioning means it can be difficult as a woman to feel nude is normal, that a naked body is the most natural thing that exists. At some point we need to realise that society’s so-called truths don’t all make sense… We need to call out hypocrisy where we find it, while remaining open to new possibilities.Sensuality means being open and receptive to all that is around us – and that kind of openness means being prepared to be vulnerable. It means being willing to engage with the world in the knowledge that life can make us or break us with a touch, sound, feel, taste or look. Real beauty blooms from the essence of our being, just like a lotus flower rising from darkness and mud. Out of the mud of your fears, struggles, pain and confusion, the lotus flower of your inner heart will spontaneously blossom. You cannot grow lotus flowers in marble. You have to grow them in the mud. Without being sensual, vulnerable and knowing suffering, you have no way to learn how to be understanding, compassionate and beautiful. We need more people like @nude_yogagirl and we need her messages, powerful ones that encourage mutual support. We need messages that help change the perception that women encourage jealousy or envy. We need to flood the world with women supporting women and humans supporting humans.

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The first part of love and change is to call out the bullshit and the second part is creating your own worth

It’s scary writing this book, sharing my story to be judged and misinterpreted. But people will judge you no matter if you try to do everything possibly you could for approval and society approved life or don’t. The only way to live a life of wholeness is by following your heart, soul and spirit. In the process as we journey through life we must continue connecting with like minded souls; and at the same time let go of those that have different versions of truth to do their thing. When I went out in Copenhagen nobody knew who I was, nobody recognised the girl on IG as @openheartscanunite and lined up to dance with me or talk to me. I was just a nameless human doing her thing and that is who I have always been followers or not. I am not some perfect human who’s got it all together. I am just a girl doing her best sharing with you all. I wish I was someone magic but Im the girl nobody recognises in reality and hides from attention, who is sitting on the floor because she fell over her own feet laughing at her own sensitive, crazy, shy, goofy ridiculousness. Along my journey I realised my abuse that I accrued did not stop me loving those that hurt me. It stopped me loving myself. I have personally learnt to stop checking on those that have hurt me, dont like me, wished had loved me, those that upset me and am learning to let them go in peace so I can shift my focus to healing and what makes me whole and the things still to come. And this is done every day for there is always someone or something that triggers me. Please remember our whole life is love. Listen to your heart, make courageous decisions that show you trust in the bigger picture this is the perfect moment to become all of you and I’ll be waiting to meet you. We are all fucked up, hurt and make mistakes but be grateful for all and surrender to the path of new possibilities ask yourself if I love and accept and respect myself who would I be in this situation?….. Then most importantly choose it and take action to become!
Stop waiting, dreaming and making regrets, The first part of love and change is to call out the bullshit and the second part is creating your own worth.

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It’s not about what we aren’t it’s about what we are

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It’s not pulling ourselves or others apart it’s about being grateful for all that or gifted to us and stop expecting ourselves and others to be more
There is a dance waiting for me in the meadows where my love of being myself marry. Turning away has made me feel this life is not mine. But it is time to create something out of my heart from yes this is my beautiful hand made life. I turned away first thinking that was how you were supposed to deal with pain. But turning away led me to forget me. But now I am remembering my power rather than feeling like a vulnerable reed lost in a windstorm. I am taking every aspect of my life back into my hands and the story was once told about me I am about to transform. Because I am writing my story. I am creating my life. I will re-dit over and over again until I see around me that makes sense to my hearts eyes. This is the alchemy that all our grandparents practised. And the magic runs through our blood. Taking our stories out of the hands of others and finally turning back towards ourselves and honouring our hearts. #butterfliesandpebbles