Balance Practice and Training online

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Trying out my new supergirl handstand up up and away we go.
If you would like to learn more awareness for your practice and learn how to hand balances Contact me via or DM here if you would like yoga or Fitness online training. Join me on Vimeo for Fitness and yoga training you can download and use to grow your skills link in bio and if you need great activewear get 25% amazing activewear @carbon38 with promo code RHYANNAWAT

It’s not about what we aren’t it’s about what we are

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It’s not pulling ourselves or others apart it’s about being grateful for all that or gifted to us and stop expecting ourselves and others to be more
There is a dance waiting for me in the meadows where my love of being myself marry. Turning away has made me feel this life is not mine. But it is time to create something out of my heart from yes this is my beautiful hand made life. I turned away first thinking that was how you were supposed to deal with pain. But turning away led me to forget me. But now I am remembering my power rather than feeling like a vulnerable reed lost in a windstorm. I am taking every aspect of my life back into my hands and the story was once told about me I am about to transform. Because I am writing my story. I am creating my life. I will re-dit over and over again until I see around me that makes sense to my hearts eyes. This is the alchemy that all our grandparents practised. And the magic runs through our blood. Taking our stories out of the hands of others and finally turning back towards ourselves and honouring our hearts. #butterfliesandpebbles

Social Media and Respect

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Before you post a comment please practice what you post in person if that comment does not go well in person, then I suggest don’t comment it. I don’t like reading about bullies or hatred or sexual predators online. It saddens me because there is so much good when we act respectfully. This social media is a wonderful tool for connecting, building communities, friendships, hobbies, careers and so much more but it is not a sex service or a porn site or a playground of bullying, shaming, naysayers or comparisons like school. So please if you want our children to be respectful, safe online please be mindful to use it appropriately. Social media has now become pretty much a must so we do not have much of a choice if we use it, but the question is how well we do it? Social is about the people your worth is no measured in likes comments or followers but your ability to love keep kindness and compassion, what happens on social media stays with us forever. Please think before you speak or comment and don’t say anything or do something to another you wouldn’t want plastered on a billboard with your face. Maybe we should stop calling it social media and call it just part of being human telling our story so we can connect better; that this online world tells the world also who we are, it is not an invisible world anymore we cannot hide behind screens.

choose your dreams

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I am going be honest this is me nothing special guys. No magic. Just me showing up every day. I am self taught yogi started after my daughter was born 4 years ago. No classes in person expect a gifted one by a friend in February this year in Australia when I was home visiting family. I can’t afford classes nor do I have a babysitter. I just show up every morning in this space. I don’t make money from my posts nor am I sponsored. I post in hope i can inspire others. I may have had several lounge rooms in different countries but it is still where I train. There is no magic guys expect Most of life is showing up. I take my own videos and photos. All I do and you need to do is do the best you can, which varies from day to day but most importantly show up for your dreams not your excuses.
I believe in you!

Respect on and offline

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I read so much about public shaming and how social media is teaching our children to shame other’s. But the thing is who are the shamers who are our kids teachers us the adults, the users of social media. So how do we change it. By being kind to everyone we see and meet.
@kinoyoga post recently is a good example about the lack of respect humans are giving to each other and I want to remind us all we are all connected. If we hurt someone on or offline we in turn hurt the world with growing fear. Please try to lead with love our future generations are watching us! When we show respect to each other they will too they only follow our examples.

It’s important to be open minded in our lives. Something that works for you may not work for someone else. The less judgmental we can be, the better for our well-being. Ultimately it doesn’t matter what someone else is doing because they’re living their life and you are living yours. Unless that person is doing something negative or harmful to you it is none of your concern what they are doing.

Let’s try to help one another without judgmental attitudes. This starts by supporting what works for the people you love in your life. And choosing wisely how you use social media.

Attitude of Gratitude

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As Wallace Wattles explains in The Science of Getting Rich: “You cannot exercise much power without gratitude; for it is gratitude that keeps you connected with Power.” You are practically powerless without gratitude—thems is some pretty big words, Wattles! When you actively send this grateful energy out, you receive it back, bringing you closer and closer to Source Energy and raising your frequency higher and higher with each exchange until you come to the visceral understanding that you are the same stuff as Source Energy and that you consciously or unconsciously manifested your reality yourself out of the infinite nothingness and everythingness. Gratitude connects you to the truth that you not only have the power to manifest that which you seek, but you are the power. Which means, in essence, when you are being grateful to Source Energy you are being grateful to yourself. Which brings it back to the most powerful thing of all: Self-love. Tah dah! The more consistently you stay in gratitude and focused on that which is good, the stronger your connection to Source Energy is, and the more quickly and effortlessly you’ll be able to manifest that which is unseen into your reality. This is the almighty power of gratitude 🙏

Mindfulness and Motivation

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This is the essence of mindfulness. You are fully present in right now. You are engaged in whatever you are doing. You are no longer dwelling in the past or fretting about the future. Mindfulness ends suffering, because the present moment is perfect (even when it’s not what you think you want). The practice of mindfulness, through meditation, breathing, or any of the various ways you can practice presence, will make you a more contented, centered, and joyful person, even in the midst of your hectic daily life.

“When you realize nothing is lacking, the whole world belongs to you.” ~Lao Tzu