Full Body Centering Flow

Full Body Centering Flow
Sharing ourselves unapologetically is how healing begins and life, its untruth and shame stop controlling us. It is a very hard journey to do this and never easy every time I do. People pull us apart no matter what we say or do. However, this is my life and this is my story. This is your life and this is your story. Make it a bestseller. Don’t sell it short by hiding the best bits that make you who you are today, the page turners, the cliff hangers, the bits that make your story epically like no other yet lovable and make others realize they are not alone at the same time …No matter if society says it is not ok or others or is ok, wont change it, make it go away. Only you can by owning it, so it doesn’t own you and haunt your future. So you can use it as a guide post instead of a hitching post. The more I accept it with honesty and rawness the more I can let it go and make space for better tomorrows. The more I own my story the more I can use the strength from what I have gone through to write better tomorrows for the rest of my life instead of bringing the past to haunt my future. We are all villains, victims, heroes and so much more in the story of life. We are not one thing alone but if we own every moment we can all also write better stories and make better tomorrows without the past no longer writing our future as we no longer need to blame, shame and judge the world and others to feel better or justify what life gave us. Instead we use it for expansion and put it as personal evolution. Own it!

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