Zen Play

Everybody is so stressed out these days!
We have these things called “obligations” and “responsibilities” full of taxes, bills, and office drama. Instead of releasing stress by kicking a ball or having fun getting fit, we release stress by kicking our feet up, watching hours of TV or running around with a character in Diablo III.

The thought of going outside or losing oneself in physical activity is a foreign concept to many folks these days. So many of us spend our days stuck on treadmills or in boring classes that can make us miserable; we assume if we’re unhappy and hating life while exercising, then it must be effective.

It’s easy to turn to happy hour to “forget about life for a while”, but ‘Playing’ having fun doing physical exercise can have similar effects while also making you healthier.

Besides its stress-reducing, social qualities, play has other quantifiable benefits. A New Zealand study showed that workers were 82% more productive following a vacation, and their sleep habits were better. Australian researchers suggested that frequent breaks for sedentary workers results in better weight control and improved triglyceride and blood glucose numbers. The New York Times recently covered a study showing that increasing physical leisure activities improves immune function faster than stress can suppress it. It seems like the more you reduce stress, the more easily everything else falls into place.

On top of that, a recent study showed that compared with exercising indoors with classes that you do not like or long runs on the treadmill that bores you tears, exercising in a natural environment or in a fun way showed greater feelings of revitalization, energy, and positive engagement — not to mention seeing decreases in tension, confusion, anger, and depression.

Although I’m a huge fan of weight training and meticulous tracking of my workouts for leveling-up purposes, I also understand the importance of stress release and the pure joy that comes from getting lost in the moment.

Here is my play time

Cardio Yoga

Yoga can be just like a workout. It does not have to be one way. You just have the find the right way for you. Here is a workout cardio yoga style. You are going to get the benefits of a clear mind like when doing yoga, flexibility that is a must to develop further in your fitness goals and workout all in one.

Inhale the good s@hit, exhale the bulls@hit.