Celebrating the years

In two days I’ll be 35 or 3+5=8 lol 😂
But what I’m celebrating this year isn’t a number; it is the life in my body, the self love I have for me & the love in my soul. I celebrate all the people who inspired me in the last 35 years to be me. I celebrate all the experiences that tried to break me but made me stronger. I celebrate all those who continue to judge my story even though they have never met me because they helped me to learn to love harder. I celebrate all those walking their truth because you inspired me by your light shining so I could find my truth through the chaos & judgment.
Social media & peoples judgment often makes you lose site of who you are as the opinions of others often create you into something you are not. My body comes with who I am & what I do. Every picture I post is in respect to all it can do. For nearly 35 years I have been in this body. Moving it. Learning to love it. Losing a child, having a child, learning to heal from abuse, being sick & being sad. Being happy & being human & making a life. I often reflect on my purpose & path I choose to motivate others. I believe showing hard work & sending the wrong message there is a challenging line with our visual times. My posts have never been about anyone feeling inadequate or not good enough in life because I have felt like that my whole life. My posts have never been about anything but owning who I am & celebration who I am. Learning how to love myself & helping others to do the same while working towards becoming a better human. It is hard people think I have it easy or I should be so lucky because I have no transformation story but my pregnancy as most of my transformation comes from within. But when I think about 35 years of being healthy & fit and people cannot even hold New Years resolutions for a month. I am proud of myself cause its never been easy. For nearly 35 years I have worked god dam hard to be me, stand up again and believe in me. I will never be curvy, or different color skin or have another story but mine. There are no extremes just my hard work, healthy choices & positive mindset I choose even through life/others also kicking me in the ass. Believe in you!

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