Coming together in all that exists helping humanity isn’t about good or bad

Some people say….Once you learn to be happy, you won’t tolerate being around people who make you feel anything less. I believe our job is to get off our self righteous butts and start reaching out to all people including the difficult people because our world isn’t about a bunch of nice people getting together once a week to sing and cook and get a feel good message. It is about caring for and helping the broken hearted, the difficult, the hurt, the misunderstood, the repulsive, the wicked and the liars. As well as the loved, the ones and those doing well and those that are full of kindness. It’s about caring for humanity. It is about turning the other cheek when someone hurts you. Because we have or been the villain and the victim, It is about loving one another and making amends. It is allowing people chances and to be different even if we fear or don’t understand or wouldn’t do it that way, because life is tough and we have to remember we are all struggling and make mistakes. It’s about finding gratitude even in the midst of chaos. When you see this about life then you will know me and you will know true happiness and peace not because we are perfect but because we are humans doing our best with love. You will see social media is not just a number or people aren’t what they do or wear, or a look, or just yoga or a mom we are all so much more, it is so much more.

Australia is my home and the devastation is heartbreaking.💔
Please donate what you can and spread awareness by sharing on your social media.❤️ NOW is the time to act‼️
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