Darkness leads to freedom when we lean in

Before I could release the weight of my sadness and pain I first had to honor and accept it’s existence. I was never addicted to anything but filling a void a space within myself with things other than my own love…. I have spent much of my life creating versions of myself that were far from the truth, characters I would shift to and perform depending who I was entertaining. These characters were able to hide my inner war of turmoil, between my lack of confidence, the pain I did not understand or had from the hurt of life and others and the uneasiness that comes with reaching out to others for the love I was not giving to me. I spent most of my life running away from my darkness until I understood that in it I actually find my freedom. Many of us walk as strangers. Not knowing what is true, why we feel what we feel. Repressing experiences or ideas. It is the paradox of the human. We run from what we do not want to face, from feelings, pains, hurt, problems we do not have solutions for but from running away we run from ourselves and freedom, wholeness and peace. It is through observation and acceptance of all, with no judgment that we can release that which creates delusions in our mind and let the cages of our mind and heart open. That is why darkness is our key to the light and our freedom. We must bring the light of awareness inwards. The ego will disappear and the subconscious slowly understood. Our life, heart and minds are full of shadows but they cannot withstand the patience and perseverance of light. The healed mind will be like a star but unlike a star the healed mind will dance with awareness and truth instead of powerful unedited fields of light.

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