Double Leg Kick Over From Wheel Advanced Backbends

I filmed myself to learn… this will give you a laugh….today I taught myself a new skill. 3 weeks ago I could not double leg kick over from wheel, one week ago I could not double kick over from wheel to chinstand. I got inspired by @fitnessbyerin and gave it a go and I did it. Today I decided to talk myself through lean over no jump double leg over and with the power of my mind and my knowledge of muscle awareness I did what I never thought I’d do. In three weeks I taught myself to kick over double leg to this. People often ask what is going on in my mind well these things im speaking now or children’s songs lol 😂 For nearly 5 years I have had no teacher in person just self taught learning my body and remembering muscle mind connection. All the puzzle pieces slid into place because of my conscious awareness on how I use my body. The biggest tip I got that I had missed so I could do this, was wrap my arms before going over from wheel from @supermomtraci that was what I missed in my awareness. There is no reason I can do this over anyone else technically having no teacher most people would say they can’t because where do they learn. But all it is is learning your mind and body. I’ll tell you it all starts with you. And if you cannot do something yet chances are you just need to discover the awareness you are missing. Life and movements and mind control are all about awareness, being conscious and faith. One step at a time build your awareness to your dreams.

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