Drop leading with fear

I lived in Saudi Arabia in 2014/2015 and one thing I am sure is what I wear does not change who I am in person nor make me a better or worse person. I wish we could drop the labels and separations of fear and be the human race. The more I travel the more I see the beauty in the world that we do not hear via the news papers or on TV. Yesterday my heart was broken by my mom telling me about the mosques in Christchurch and the 49 said to be dead. Before I went to Saudi I was was told so many fearful stories. When I was there I discovered a beautiful unique part of the world. As we grow in awareness of one another whether two people begin a reliance to two people dispute and far removed strangers taking an interest in the cultures a wonderful thing begins to happen we begin to care for the others as if the other is part of us. If a person hurts another or kills another it is wrong. There is not excuse for this. What happened in Christchurch my heart bleeds. It bleeds for this world that is so blinded by differences and untruths. We have an ability to drop the labels and stop trying to find a reason why death is okay. We have an ability to see human/s suffering and killing is not okay nor is discussion if it is okay by labels and he said she said this is wrong. In what world can we justify a death of another? In what world can we think it is justifiable after people losing loved ones that we can discuss this is the wrong label? Where is the compassion and humanity? Lets hold our heads a little higher and give a little more compassion and respect to the lost, the grieving and hurt. If we master the necessary goodwill, a common global society blessed with a shared culture of peace that is nourished by ethnic and national and local diversities that enrich our lives. But why should we label and stop at borders, one love!

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