Every Body Visible

Humans and chimps have 95 percent DNA compatibility however we are so different. We see a chimp doing their different ways but we don’t judge them we are curious, we want to observe and see their world. We have to wake up and realise that is how we can also operate here on social media and in the world with each other. We do not need to control each other either, just observe, learn and let go. We maybe the same as in we are humans, yes we breathe, we eat, we have a heart beat but we all have our own unique truth and way to live just like chimps do to us even though they are so similar. We must realise our truths and others are not there to tell us ours or their way is wrong or right, it is so we /they can be the best human we can all be to help ourselves, others and the world around us. We share our truths because we hope it is a light in someone’s life that helps them and possibly we wished we had had this truth in our darkness. The reality is we need to step away from judging and into our truths and let each other do the same, so we can all be our best selves and make the world more beautiful in our unique way and heal a little more. There is over 7 billions different ways to live and truths, no one alike, however we maybe similar like chimps and humans are but we are all still unique and different in our own way not wrong or right, bad or good, just being a human ….Truth can hurt like hell. Truth can liberate. Truth can bring out a brave side. Truth can destroy. Truth can cause reconsideration. Truth can make us look inward. Truth can make us look outward. It is raw. It is real. It is honest. It is naked. It is harsh. It is direct. It is true. Truth isn’t perfect but it acts like medicine for each of us. It hurts but cures. Where as a lie is like a pain killer hides the pain an instant relief but has side effects forever.

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