For so many of us there is a distance it seems in a sense that our bodies dont feel like our own.

For so many of us there is a distance it seems in a sense that our bodies dont feel like our own. They dont feel like home or a space we want to nourish and embrace and when we do there is someone or society standard there to remind us, it is not ok and we fall back into this vicious cycle of triggered and anxiety and many of us attack upon another because we feel not considered by some outing look, words, person or society standard. Society has shaped our views on bodies for years through media, ever changing but alway not inclusive of all bodies. It is ultimately a not good enough culture or if we are then someone would tear us down culture. The magic of what makes people beautiful is their uniqueness and beauty would cease to exist otherwise. As humans living in this current culture we have a necessity of reclaiming our identities, voices and our own beauty in a way that also allows others to do the same. We are all beautiful beings that have the ability to give life, nurture, create, grow and shape ourselves and each other into our own identities and beauty. We need to understand that we create a level of respect by embracing ourselves and taking time to consider ourselves rather than pushing ourselves to the side waiting on the world to change. When we consider ourselves no longer do the messages of disempowerment or differences of others turn us fearful instead they become information we let go or celebrate. We realise that when we consider ourselves the privilege to love ourselves and decide our value has always been reserved only for us and the messages of others doing the same in their own unique way is also not something to be feared but a unique beautiful privilege to witness.

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