Healing and My Truth Statement

My Naked Truth Statement
I’m Rhy.
I’m a yoga teacher and wellbeing consultant.
I taught myself pole dancing and yoga.
I have experienced abuse, been raped
and tried to commit suicide.
I lost a baby.
I have a beautiful daughter.
I worked as a top executive assistant.
I post regular photos and videos of myself online, with commentaries on life, love and yoga.
I view my body as a gift and don’t feel
that clothes should define us.
My images, with or without clothes, are about art and freedom.
My heart hurts from all the judgement in the world.
I wish I could fix it so my daughter didn’t have to experience this hatred.
It’s hard being misunderstood in my yoga and fitness. The judgement can be overwhelming but all I can do is show my journey and let others share theirs. I used to be terrified of being my true self – honest and vulnerable. But I’d rather be judged for my truth than for something “perfect” that’s not who I really am. And this is just part of my story …extract from my book coming out Jan 2020

I have come to realize that much of our healing doesn’t come from books, knowledge or someone saving us, being our hero’s. No matter how many people love us or how much knowledge we have….Until we are able to accept what happens in our life, we cannot utilise anything to rebuild and regain life. I say rebuild and regain life because the life before will never be the life after. But you must rebuild from what you have, the shattered life and regain life from all that is around you; by reconnecting to what is here and now. I have learnt that letting go and forgiving life and others, did not mean to disregard or gloss over painful or traumatic experiences, but to instead recall them with acceptance and place them into a storyline of personal evolution.

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