Healing is for all

When we share the parts of ourselves that are considered taboo, unconventional, rebellious, weird, off the show and intimately creative; including our mistakes, failures, hurts, traumas and emotional pain we light a transformative fire in the dark, we create art, we tell a story and invite this lonely, aching and often non loving world to connect from a place of vulnerability. The place we all shame ourselves to hide, It isn’t easy.
We live in a culture with emotional repression, bullying, prejudice, discrimination and judgment. A culture that often only shows or values perfection and mindfucks us to believe we are lacking if we are anything other than perfection. We ourselves place one another in boxes of good or bad. We ignore context, emotion and being human. We believe there isn’t enough to go round of love, success and all that is good. We look the other way when others hurt because we do not want to waste our time, we have enough problems….I …. I….. I…. then we wonder why nobody is there for us expecting the exact opposite of what we just did but do not return it. And the fucked up thing about it all is it is so much harder to carry pain than let it go. We often think art and healing is limited to a select few. But it is not!
It takes believing you are worthy and enough. It takes humbling yourself to drop the I and being courageous enough to find your hole for the square shape instead of the continual round holes society give us. It is hard to hold space and not be affected by anyone who is triggered too, because you know deep down they are waking up, getting uncomfortable to go through the emotional pain….but that is the ironic thing that it is also soothing to know you are not alone others are waking up and healing is for everyone.

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