How do I

Many people ask how I stay fit and get strong. Honestly all you see is all I do. How I learnt inversions was simply like this. For the last nearly 6 years at home on my mat. I have no special talent, no gymnast or dance background. I just have a strong dedication to do things I want to achieve and the ability to keep showing up even when most don’t. In fact my movement heals my soul and helps me to believe in myself through my challenges.

You see I use to think all these things were once impossible like handstand, splits, headstand and more. However over the last nearly 6 years I got busy working on my dreams rather than my excuses in movement and mind. Nearly 6 years later breaking down impossible I made many things Im possible.

I have no more time than another. I make time at 5am. I have never had money for classes so I worked through online classes on youtube then My teacher training was gifted to me via scholarship and family and friends to make it happen last May.

I have never really been understood by my family nor many people. I am an out of the box thinker. I have always been a lover and a dreamer. I have always fought to fit in but always stood on the outside looking in. At when I started yoga I finally realised I don’t need to fit in I just need to be me. People are going to judge me as they do today anyway so I may as well be judged for me rather then a carbon copy of something I am not or expected to be.

I am really just an ordinary every day human that just started sharing her journey online and this is where I am today. Still an ordinary every day human blessed to be in life amongst it all. Still wishing she could do more and be more but grateful to be where she is at. Still working on her mind, body and soul. Still working on her thoughts, her dreams and goals. Still healing and fighting to not let her excuses and demons take over and hoping in some small way she helps others.

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