Human Bodies

It is difficult as a woman to feel nude is normal, that a naked body is the most natural thing that exists. We have so many stereotypes, labels and society pressures that attack and brain wash our thoughts and make us feel alien in our bodes. We have so many stigmas attached to us because every where we look is a perfectly edited version of a woman to fit societies purposes for that image and we ourselves sometimes get caught up in judging them without being mindful enough to remember, we all have the same body parts and we are free to utilise our bodies our own way. It is hard living every waking breath being judged or feeling judged and shamed about a body life bestowed upon on us that we never requested but were given as a tool to live and create life. It is truly difficult times but I know if we each take a deep breath and work on loving ourselves for our future generations, we will in turn be able to bring less judging and shaming to the world and make a more loving world in general.

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