I am my own hero of my life yoga flow

This real time Imperfect flow is an accumulation of 6.5 years practice at home. I have had no dance or gymnastic experience and my teacher online videos from amazing people on Instagram, YouTube, @omstarsofficial @alo.moves . It is an accumulation of all my fails, challenges, depression, people’s support and judgment, everyone’s shares I have learnt from, love, loss, successes and joy etc everything I’ve ever been or done has lead me here. It’s not a 30 day program. There is and old saying in neuroscience that neurons which fire together wire together. This means the more you run a neuro-circuit in your brain the stronger it becomes. The more you practice any skill reading, writing, yoga, being kinder to yourself, more mindful etc the stronger the circuits get. The ability to learn and grow is about more than building strengthening neural connections. More importantly it is about our ability to break down old ones, it’s called synaptic pruning.
Next few days I’ll be adding a few skill building exercises to instagram @openheartscanunite I used to develop skills in this flow to help others to grow their practice #fireycorebuilder skill building for you all. Tag a friend
Wearing @aloyoga bottoms top and @liforme mat
Music @djdrez

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