It is out intentions, thoughts and accountability that are everything

It’s never been about anything but us and our accountability to see the truth through the mixed messages of society and our accountability to attach more wisely to what matters or use better what helps us and let go of what doesn’t.
It has never been social media that is the issue, it is out intentions and how we use and treat others on it. We must follow people that inspire us and motive us. Engage with experts or people we can learn from. Create genuine and empowering relationships from it. We have to be the change we wish to see. We must actively stop mindlessly scrolling, complaining, hating and engaging in negativity. The world offline in life and online in life on social media gives us beauty and pain. The greatest lesson we will ever learn is that it is all a gift too.
We are the ones who build our walls and we must hold no doubt we have the capacity to tear them down too. If we are ever going to survive, we are all going to have to stop pointing the finger and become accountable for the chaos we make online and offline in all of life. We have to collect the moments, people and things that inspire us rather than break us and hold them close to us. We must see through our blinkers made of society’s messages and open our hearts. And for those days when the sun doesn’t rise or rises slowly and your days are dark. Please reach into your core and remember the warmth. Remind yourself the light will return again.
We all so often guard ourself from the sadness, not realising that we ourselves are closed off from happiness the world is trying to show or give us. Stay open. It is how the light gets in and the stars and moon shine even in the darkest blackest of nights. Stay open and love harder.

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