Just Begin

So many of us stare with big eyes at the prospect of dreams while our hearts. guts and chests sink becoming overwhelmed with doubt, fear and and anxiety.You need to open your eyes, but not to those god and greats, for comparing ourselves only steals our joy and makes us feel not enough and unworthy. Instead of comparing by a standard or person, think of it as proof success is possible. Notice how many people are building around you their dreams. Each one a different journey and struggles and way about it but building…The world today makes impossible become im possible, with so many more things we can do today than ever before. Today with Covid we are able to connect with our loved ones and see them through videos and social media, where as many years ago we would have all been isolated not knowing if our loved ones were ok. Women were once not allowed to have a credit card, vote or run marathons. Men could not stay at home as fathers. We must remember people want to support you, learn from you, grow with you, you are part of the ripple effect, not because you are perfect but because you are you. The truth is the people who lived fulfilled lives truly loved what they did, they never had it altogether.. their worthiness measured not by another/standards but by the commitment they had that outshined everything else… Showing up makes you worthwhile, creates worth, allows you to make the best you and product. If you are looking for permission to do you and what you love…. Really you are seeking the confidence to pursue what you would like to spend your days doing. And what this in turn is the ultimate question if we are good enough or not and worth people‚Äôs time?So know this people want to hear your stories, read your work, celebrate what makes you feel understood, as it lights up their lives so they have the courage to do the same and can see the way. The confidence you are looking for will not arrive until you begin. You do not need to find confidence to pursue what you really love, you just have to begin.

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