Lets be the love

I am a mother, a woman, a human just like you all. Many of you see me & others and label. For the women who judge each other. I am sorry for the pain you have received & that it makes you hurt others for the fear of the things you do not understand & judge. I hope that you find the love you are looking for & deserve. I hope you know that I feel your pain as you make me feel it, with your judgement, but I hold space for you & only love you harder. For all the men that make sex from everything they see. I hope you also find the love you are looking for too & see that women are not just objects to satisfy your needs. Our sensuality & bodies are a place of life & worship that created you/ your children. I hope you know sex, sensuality & lust it is human but not the way we treat women here on social media. To everyone: so many of us are taught to keep a lid on anything & everything outrageous. To turn off what makes us come alive. Well that led me to my attempt on life. My journey now is about living wholly in my faults, challenges & beauty. I am no longer turning off my life force. This isn’t about you. This is about living fully for my daughter so she sees she can. I am no longer turning off my feeling, my sensuality, my individuality as that turns out my lights. Everyone is perfect yet none of us feel that way because of our culture teaches us to hate, criticise others & ourselves. I no longer wish to be part of that. There is no human alive today who was not created & held inside the living altar of a woman. The feminine is part of us, our deepest intuition, sense of community, connection, vulnerability & sense of spiritual morality and consciousness, it is what is life. Lets drop the dogmas/untruth & the transfer of pain to others with judgment/shame. Lets stop taking the wind out of each others sails, we need focus on fighting the self hatred that comes from living in a cultures that devalues us. I have never considered myself beautiful but I am deciding to change that for my daughter so I don’t hurt others, I hope you do too, if not for you for our future generations. I hope you all see you are the love you are looking for and the change.

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