Light up our lives is an inside joy

As I leave Tasmania today & my family my heart is full & slightly challenged as all things in life we take the good with the bad. Happy because it happened but sad to say see you soon. I learn more & more each day our ability to be turned on and happy in life and our existence and others is all about us. It is about our connection to our spirit and our unique awesomeness. We are often taught to keep our turn ons to life and others on the download as if standing in our uniqueness was meant to be a disadvantage and a disappointment. But when we do what society asks to keep it on the download we lose our light. Each of us has had some kind of rupture—be it incest, rape, verbal abuse, being ignored, what have you. What happens as a consequence is that we get angry, & we turn off our radiance. We go wandering the earth, unwilling to light the world up with our life-giving turn-on. We—and the entire world—suffer the consequences. We then do the only thing we know how to do: we make the unconscious choice to cut ourselves off from our own radiance. Repressed radiance turns into anger. Because we don’t have an external outlet where we can express it, we turn that anger toward ourselves and others —where it settles in as depression, judgement and sadness. What I have found is what makes many of us angry is? When this choice is pointed out to us. When we are invited to release the anger and reclaim our radiance we do not like this. We get furious at the thought of reigniting the gift of our turn-on, because we have often taken sides against it. We were hurt so young and had to turn ourself off to stay protected. Now we are infuriated at the very thought of a different choice. We can make ourselves happy, we can get fit, we can be the love we need. We often long for the thing that feels culturally & historically comfortable, even when that thing is self-defilement and self-abuse like the untruths and stigmas. However what we aren’t told in life is that cutting off from our radiance is an inside job at some point we choose it too. We humans are the ones who cut ourselves off, and it is only in the company of other like minded souls that we can reclaim what was once ours

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