Our Beliefs

Abusers never have to do the convincing that we are the issue, they only need remind us regularly, as our belief is already ingrained in us. They are just capitalising on it. The reality is that developing guilt as an adaption response is unavoidable. Guilt drives judgment and shame. It is about when we feel responsible for failing to ensure that outcome. When guilt and responsibility become the core of who we believe we are, it gives way to a lifetime of suffering, adaptations that are not built healthily with awareness. This belief and these adaptations are what drove me to my attempt on my life and kept me in an abusive relationship and also drove someone else to a drug addiction, anorexia, self harm, keeps someone in an abusive relationship or even suicidal thoughts. Yoga allowed me to build awareness and develop tools to recognise my beliefs and change my adaptations to healthier behaviours, so I did not continue to feel responsible for things that I have no business feeling responsible for.

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