We are alive by our sense

People ask me about being turned on whilst doing yoga. They ask me when you are practicing are you turned on? I have never found an answer for this to help people understand it isn’t sexual, its sensual, but here goes…. You are alive by your senses, you are alive on all that your body allows you to experience in this beautiful life, by what you can feel, hear, touch, taste and smell. It is a sensual nature that is a lust for life (that discovery phase children often have naturally, that enthusiasm we miss as adults, that I don’t know everything so let me be open to all that is and learn mindset that we lose with age). In terms of today’s society understanding it…..it’s that lust in sexual relationships before one connects to another physical human, where every touch and smell and movement makes our body’s react in wonder and yearning for more and this is what makes magic and what makes true connection in an intimate state if you are with yourself or another. Sexuality is only powerful when you learn to bring alive your senses other wise it’s animalistic (the need to recreate make our species survive). So right now when I move in yoga, fitness and dance clothed or naked I feel my senses bringing lust for life again, nothing to do with sex/sexuality but everything to do with my body being alive and turned on by life, in its most awaken state of life. It is freedom to me and the greatest gift and antidote for me to all problems, my depression, trauma and challenges because all I am is being me, fully, unapologetically alive; experiencing all without an expectation on my shoulders or a thought to imprison me, just being and revelling in the now and its F#@cking BEAUTIFUL to be here and experience it even if only for a moment.

Brave, Beautiful and Baring It All – Rhyanna Watson – My Book

I just got a hardcopy of my book in the post and I am a little blown away actually. From a girl who could barely read in year 4 to a girl at 35 now published. These photos here and the ones in my book are from incredible Olivia Nachle I met Olivia at my teacher training in Bali last year with Blissology (Eoin Finn is one of the most incredible teachers of life, yoga and humans I have ever met).

I took these photos for me with Olivia, not knowing a year and a half later they would be placed in a book to sell to the public. It is strange how life works…Olivia herself is one of the most kindness, humblest and beautiful souls I have ever met. Her art speaks from the heart and shows the souls of her subjects.

Here is an extract from my book coming out Jan 2020 with www.watkinspublishing.com and a big thank you to Kelly Thompson

”…..When I first became a mother, I had lost an unborn child the year before. It was heartbreaking. As a result, I set myself crazy parenting expectations and tried so hard to be the ”perfect” mum that it nearly broke me. In the end, I realised that I was going to offer my daughter much more happiness if I simply followed what felt right to me in the moment, rather than running myself in the the ground trying to fulfil lots if inherited expectations that felt like they were holding me prisoner. We are all more brilliant than we will ever realise, so it’s time to forget about all the lurking ”musts” and ”shoulds” and embody the only thing we can: ourselves. It’s time to trust and believe in ourselves….”
Pre order: https://www.amazon.com/Brave-Beautiful-Baring-All-Happiness-ebook/dp/B07QLJ5NCL/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=rhyanna+watson&qid=1573575924&sr=8-1

Full Body Centering Flow

Full Body Centering Flow
Sharing ourselves unapologetically is how healing begins and life, its untruth and shame stop controlling us. It is a very hard journey to do this and never easy every time I do. People pull us apart no matter what we say or do. However, this is my life and this is my story. This is your life and this is your story. Make it a bestseller. Don’t sell it short by hiding the best bits that make you who you are today, the page turners, the cliff hangers, the bits that make your story epically like no other yet lovable and make others realize they are not alone at the same time …No matter if society says it is not ok or others or is ok, wont change it, make it go away. Only you can by owning it, so it doesn’t own you and haunt your future. So you can use it as a guide post instead of a hitching post. The more I accept it with honesty and rawness the more I can let it go and make space for better tomorrows. The more I own my story the more I can use the strength from what I have gone through to write better tomorrows for the rest of my life instead of bringing the past to haunt my future. We are all villains, victims, heroes and so much more in the story of life. We are not one thing alone but if we own every moment we can all also write better stories and make better tomorrows without the past no longer writing our future as we no longer need to blame, shame and judge the world and others to feel better or justify what life gave us. Instead we use it for expansion and put it as personal evolution. Own it!

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Dont compare your journey or judge the journey you do not know

Please don’t think I don’t know how hard it is to regain your fitness, because you see my now moments. Here is me 36.5 weeks pregnant and now. Not because it was easy but because it was worth it. Breathing in and breathing out every single day is hard, fighting for your dreams is hard. There is no after glow, even after you get your goal, it’s daily work to maintain. The after glow is the sweat from the daily hard work it never ends. My body right now isn’t luck. It’s hard work. My body is a reflection of my lifestyle a 8 year journey so far. Through one pregnancy loss, another pregnancy, postnatal depression and more. It is not a 30 day program to get fit or flexible. When you look at peoples posts here don’t compare your chapter 1 to their chapter 50 . When you see them doing the things you want to do or having a body you admire, remember it isn’t easy. Remember that they had a starting point too….Where they are now, was not where they began! @ashley.horner has been a huge inspiration to me and her programs.

Every Body Visible

Humans and chimps have 95 percent DNA compatibility however we are so different. We see a chimp doing their different ways but we don’t judge them we are curious, we want to observe and see their world. We have to wake up and realise that is how we can also operate here on social media and in the world with each other. We do not need to control each other either, just observe, learn and let go. We maybe the same as in we are humans, yes we breathe, we eat, we have a heart beat but we all have our own unique truth and way to live just like chimps do to us even though they are so similar. We must realise our truths and others are not there to tell us ours or their way is wrong or right, it is so we /they can be the best human we can all be to help ourselves, others and the world around us. We share our truths because we hope it is a light in someone’s life that helps them and possibly we wished we had had this truth in our darkness. The reality is we need to step away from judging and into our truths and let each other do the same, so we can all be our best selves and make the world more beautiful in our unique way and heal a little more. There is over 7 billions different ways to live and truths, no one alike, however we maybe similar like chimps and humans are but we are all still unique and different in our own way not wrong or right, bad or good, just being a human ….Truth can hurt like hell. Truth can liberate. Truth can bring out a brave side. Truth can destroy. Truth can cause reconsideration. Truth can make us look inward. Truth can make us look outward. It is raw. It is real. It is honest. It is naked. It is harsh. It is direct. It is true. Truth isn’t perfect but it acts like medicine for each of us. It hurts but cures. Where as a lie is like a pain killer hides the pain an instant relief but has side effects forever.

Struggling in the darkness to find my light

#fridaysforme for @sian_samantha
I don’t have a challenge for another week. I am heading away Sunday for an adventure on Laines last week of school holidays. I am not online as much but always thinking of you all. It reminded me how that even though we don’t see things they are still occurring. With mental health awareness day yesterday I am posting today because it’s often a day too late. We are all so blinded by the externals we don’t see the hurting hearts and struggling souls behind these posts. We don’t see the anxiety attacks, the fights, suicide attempts, the challenges, the abuse, the depression, the pain and suffering we cause by our hateful words we say here & in life. We miss soo much that changes lives… I hope today you’ll all close your eyes and see with your heart. Reach out to those you love tell them you love them. Be a little kinder here online to those you want to judge. Just because they look happy are they? Just cause they have a beautiful body does it mean life is better? They don’t have insecurities? They haven’t been told they aren’t worthy? Just because they are naked, does it mean they are a bad person? Porn? Or self confident? Just because they look like they have the perfect family, relationship, have it all together, rich, happy are they? Just because you view the world this way does it mean it’s the only way? Mental Health Awareness for me is every day. After committing suicide and failing. It made me see the world very differently because no one saw me and some still don’t see me, no one saw my pain, no one even new it happened and when I told them they ask if I was kidding? This is how blinded we are to seeing peoples pain and suffering. We see the masks, the numbers, the clothes or no clothes, the smiles, the photos and videos but we do not see the soul and pain. There are wounds that never show on the body that are deeper and more hurtful than anything that bleeds and visibly breaks. So many hide their scars with I’m fine and see the world in black and white instead of vibrant colors. So let’s show people between frustration and depression is our love and hands to help each other up again.