Repression of Wounded-ness and healing

The repression of wounds in the world…there is so much of it….Often when a person is courageous enough to say this is me, this is my story… instead of people holding space many use this as an opportunity to shame, belittle, compare, judge, vent or harshly criticise. One of the reasons I came to yoga was to become more mindful of my wounds and what impact they have on me and the world, so I could remember to hold space for myself and others. I have noticed we have forgotten to hold space for anyone including ourselves who wants to share. I’m saying this because so many of us are made to believe that our stories aren’t worthy of being told because someone else’s story is worse, more painful or different. We’ve really forgotten how hold space, no judgment or even response, just respect, compassion and love…If we could all learn to hold space this creates positive change – not just for the person but for us because, we stop making everything about us and see the world as a whole. In turn let each part and person of the world have their own space and respect, instead of more shame and allow for healing for everyone.

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