Seeing the Journey

I was not born this way flexible. I was not a dancer or gymnast. I am 36 years old and started yoga at 29. I am self taught through online videos. This is me 7 years apart. Nobody has it as easy as social media highlight reels make us believe. In this 7 years I’ve been raising my daughter in foreign languages and countries. I have not been able to pay bills. I don’t own a car or house even still today. I have worked 3 jobs. I have taught myself german. I have been healing from PTSD and losing a child. I have been abused and attempted on my life and I have been getting up at 5am to learn yoga via videos online. I have trained to become a yoga teacher. I have become an author but have not received profits financially as books aren’t as profitable as the world makes labels to believe. Instead my profit has become in healing and helping others. I’ve paid for every book I’ve given away and so much more has occurred behind the highlight reels, these are just pictures and numbers and this is just some of my story. The pain of our loses transform into our beauty of having discovered something more important than someone who promises us forever or a pose or a number. Our life isn’t really a story or chapters …it is a multiple of stories, self discovery and love finding away to teach ourselves how to love better, how to give more, how to be more of ourself, learn what’s not for us and what is. But most importantly learn self trust, self truths, self compassion, self love, self worth and listen to our intuition, even if there isn’t logic to it. The biggest questions im learning to ask is not why I am getting so little love or failing? But how much am I giving away to me and those around me? And what I am doing with what I have to plant seeds of hope for better tomorrows for me, my daughter and this world?

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